1. IBallistic Cheese

    Star Trek Builds: Terra Tech Starfleet

    I'm going to be building star ships from star trek just cuz this game has anti-grav for me to play around with. To start this off... USS Enterprise NCC-1701 A from star trek beyond. BTW the saucer section and the hull/nacelles can be separated since its connected with venture explosive bolt...
  2. Warning220

    Missile battery

    A rocket launcher that would be 1x3 block it would be for the hawkeye corp and it would launch 4 medium sized missiles and then reload slowly which would be very usefull for fast and small planes as well as helicopters and something like this. And a larger version that would be 2x5x2 that would...
  3. Epic afdc

    Missile deterrent systems.

    Since I hear everyone complaining about missiles and how OP they are, here are some suggestions to “nerf” them, not by adjusting their power, but by adding countermeasures to shoot down or distract the missiles. Flares: these magical little things fire out from a mortar like gun, when deployed...
  4. Nerf Craft

    Better Future Missiles

    So Better Future is a futuristic corporation and with that in mind I have two missile ideas for them. The first would be something along the lines of a Photon Torpedo. It would be slightly weaker than a Cruise Missile but would fire a two shot burst with a reload about 10% longer than that of a...
  5. ∑∆®†∫n.


    In the world of terratech the most utterly broken weapons are missiles, seriously, they can snipe enemies from distances that AI can't detect, one shot unprotected cabs and annihilate any tech lacking a healing bubble, i propose a solution and that is Flares! these would shoot out and distract...
  6. R

    [SUGGESTION] New weapons, blocks, and features for the corporations

    This is just going to be a list of all the weapons and blocks I think would be cool in the corporations, some random suggestions, and also some suggestions for where some of the EXP stuff should go. Sorry for the wall of text. EDIT: Features: Sensors, and Nimbatus/Scrap Mechanic style logic...
  7. ZeroGravitas

    [] Feedback on missile spam and ugly explosions (thoughts?)

    So the big changes in (other than tech targeting) appear to be to explosive weapons, with a shift in meta to much faster reload times (crazy cruise missile spam) but much weaker and smaller explosions. These look different too, with bigger, flatter looking, whited out central blast...
  8. ZeroGravitas

    [] Avalanche launches causing tech movement jerkiness (while targeting & firing)

    It looks to me like actual physical movement stutters of this little plane as I was driving it about firing, rather than frame rate hangs (my FPS count stayed static at 60). It doesn't happen when the launchers are facing dead ahead, only while turning targeting enemies. Presumably related...
  9. jnj01


    A rather small helicopter with pretty decent firepower. Requires some practice to fly. Inspired by the russian Mi-24D; a 1700HP attack helicopter, which has been in use since 1972. It's a shame you need it to be covered with 5-way thrusters for proper steering to function.