1. A

    Ressource chunks "vacuum cleaner" - or the issue with tech height and collectors

    Being quite fond of Geotech, one issue you run into when using their tech is that due to their large size collectors have some issues getting ressource chunks away from the ground. Ressources that you drive over are basically completly unable to be retreived because even if the tractor...
  2. ZeroGravitas

    [] Feedback - Auto-miner catchup speed nerf unhelpful (+ alternatives)

    First of all, I've timed the new speed at about 6 seconds, not the 10 stated in the patch notes (lies!;)): This represents a massive nerf to mining and manual resource collection, which was already borderline pointless. When you can just set up an Erudite selling base and buy the rest of...
  3. K

    [] Disappearing Celestite seams

    Celestite seams can sometimes disappear if unloaded. To reproduce: 1. Mine any celestite crystal, so that a mineable seam is left behind. 2. Move very far away from the mined seam, so that it gets unloaded. 3. Return to the seam to find out that it has disappeared. This may not always occur...
  4. Masakari

    New Suggestions for the Auto-Miner

    Some new suggestions for the auto-miner, but I decided to start a new thread for them instead of necroing the one from May I believe it was, and to not make the devs sift through it if/when they decided to look at suggestions in depth to add new features/blocks when they have time to. Unless it...
  5. The Grand Teki

    My biggest achievement

    I finally mined an erudite seam dry. And I made a poopton of money in the process :p
  6. P

    [Poll] Do We need better mining tools for techs?

    So, this is a poll to collect ideas about the mining tools we put on our techs. A few of us think they could use some work. This is to find out how important this is to everyone. Super important? Totally irrelevant? Let's find out. For me, the issue is that a lot of rocks are so low to the...
  7. Redgard

    Articulated mining tools

    Hello, During my mining period, I face the problem to have some ore veins unreachable for my mining tools. I think It could be really great to have articulated mining tools, able to move a bit to reach these veins/rocks, because some time it is a mater of 5 centimeters :( sincerely, Red