megaton cannon

  1. The Grand Teki

    A simple meme

  2. The Grand Teki

    Remove "BEAST 732" because it's just another Tech with tons of Megatons...

    It's not a challenge, I can take it down with my aircraft, but when I'm at a crate ambush mission, and with my weak ground tech that beast spawns and im pretty f-ed, because my ground tech costs a lot (still cheaper to buy at death than to buy at a payload terminal). Please remove MOST techs...
  3. The tech dude

    Megaton cannon's name is wrong

    The three pound cannon uses 3 pounds of explosives. One ton is 2000 pounds. That should mean that a one ton cannon is 666.666 times more powerful than a three pound cannon. "Mega" in Latin means million. So one million times two thousand is 2,000,000,000 pounds. That's TWO BILLION. So that must...
  4. M

    Make megaton cannons better

    It's was good that you made it worse because it was to op before, but now it's to bad. So my suggestion is to increase the fire rate or the damage.