1. MrTwister

    Coop racing map - PUB GT - savegame share

    Hey folks, I have a Coop race map to share, where you can show off your driving skills across varied terrain on a relatively long pre-set track and with 4 different types of pre-set vehicles to choose from. Vehicle characteristics are pretty close with speeds around 130mph and some small...
  2. Q

    Some essential suggestions (radar, manage tech option etc.)

    Hello! I just finished my campaign. I maxed all fractions, completed all uncommon "story" missions and earn more than 3 000 000 of BB. And I faced some problems and i found some things that seems to be just essential to the game. 1. I can't understand ho can I change navigation point in the...
  3. _Kaasblokje_

    The Improved R&D test chamber

    Welcome to the Improved R&D test chamber thread! This map adds the following to the already existing R&D test chamber: - 4 new turrets in the turret lane and one very strong "boss" turret, no wait scratch that, it even has an extra superboss turret at the very end! (100% guarantee that every...
  4. Epb7304

    Map improvements

    if you name a tech, it should appear with that name on the map, if you hover over that point on the map then it reveals its name. when you press a button (example "M") it will show all of the revealed map that you have and all of the markers that you have on that map.

    We need a map!

    We need a map in urgent campaign mode, so it would be easier to find and search for resources.
  6. Maldax


    I'm sure this has been discussed ad infinitum but I can't search the word "Map" as its too short!...please can we have a proper map maybe only explored areas? I seem to be driving round in big circles and the radar seems to drop things off when its bored
  7. ExileFox

    world size?

    How large is one world? With missions seemingly locked to certain areas, i suspect there is an edge somewhere, hard or soft. Hard edge = Can't go further Soft edge = Player coords wraps around. so if heading south, you will eventually hit north.
  8. nikitaign

    Skill Test Map

    READ EVERYTHING Helloooo I came up with an idea. If the GSO cab drives on blocks well, then I can build a test course! So it took me like 30 minutes to do this, and it's not an easy map (maybe). There are 5 courses (5th is the easiest). If your tech is stuck or you accidentaly took something...
  9. Boomik

    New update changed the entire map on my Creative world

    In my "Kebab Kingdom" creative save, the entire map changed when I got the new update. Before, I was in a salt flats with mountains surrounding it, now I'm in some desert and my walls and other techs are underground. I can give you the save tomorrow.
  10. Zed


    Important Notification I am able to confirm that savegames which are mapseed dependent from 0.7.6 stable and prior may experience problems similar to what was experienced during the community core of 2nd August 2017 when @Jamie & @Zeena Loaded my creative savegame file! Therefore, I Strongly...
  11. The Grand Teki

    Some bugs and a leak!

    See this Imgur album for everything: dis an album I made the poll so Payload can vote if those were useful, that's why votes are visible so I can see which votes were made by them. Important edit: version is 7.5.8. Also I'm back
  12. M

    Better map and coordinates!

    One radar would just show a map. Two radars would show a map with North, South, west and east directions. It would also show x/z coordinates under the map.