1. Milkman

    Corporation-Unique Manufactoring Blocks

    I have an idea for each corporation's manufactoring: Every corporation should have it's own conveyor sets, refineries and delivery cannons. GSO would be how it is now: nothing too special. Venture is good how it is now, all mobile(maybe with an inefficiency debuff such as less BB from selling...
  2. TheNecromancer

    List of ideas: Parts, Terrain,AI,Boss Battle, and more

    I have been playing TerraTech for along time now and I must say I've enjoyed it a lot. From exploring, gathering, building bases , and rampaging through the world with an army of techs, TerraTech provides an opportunity for endless possibilities. I enjoy the play style of "The World is a Sandbox...
  3. D

    Conveyor line bug

    Often, resources will pass right by a component factory that they were supposed to go in, and will continue doing so indefinitely. This results in me having to manually intervene, which becomes tedious after a while. Any tips or guidance would be much appreciated.
  4. Lord Zarnox

    Manufacturing focused corporation - SmartBuild

    I'm thinking there should be a corporation dedicated to effective and efficient manufacturing and base design. Using the temporary name of SmartBuild, I have made this detailed (WIP) post of a list of blocks, concepts, and other ideas for such a corporation. As a simple list of some blocks they...
  5. Comet

    base/defence block ideas plus venture tech cannon

    hawkeye emp field, disables all electrical/power needing objects in the field. venture tech cannon! the venture tech cannon launches a decently small tech (around 5x5x5 max)into the air apon right click, and also has an angled varient that launches the tech/block like a mortar. the tech cannon...