1. maritaria

    [0.7.4] Nuterra v0.4.2 - WorldEditor

    Only compatible with stable branch release 0.7.4 Download Source Code TerraTech Discord (#modding) Nuterra modding team Maritaria (code, models) Sylver (code, graphics) Gameslinx (code) Mottflyer(models) Features To prevent the post from growing to an incomprehensible mess, we have moved...
  2. maritaria

    MOD: Simple keybindings

    Updated version This version will be no longer available for download I spend some time making a mod that allow you to have more control over your tech. Weapon keybindings The main feature of the mod is to allow you to bind keys to predefined groups of weapons on your tech. The groups are...
  3. Chrii_the_Vieh

    A block to couple techs together, with energy

    Hi fellow TerraTechnicians, yesterday night I was struck by an idea shortly before falling asleep. As far as I know, a lot of you really want a block to couple and un-couple two techs. Many suggestions were made and all were not possible to implement in the game as it is. Now I want you to...