1. Q

    [1.3.9][PC, Steam] Broken loading of manual saves

    Hello! I faced that bug in campaign. If I have a lot of manual campaign game saves (more than 40-50 manual saves), loading the last manual save starts the game from the beginning (just from the intro with falling bomb and TerraTech logo) as if I pushed "New Game" button. After in intro I try...
  2. BlueThunder

    Building beam problem PS4

    Hi all I just bought Terratech on my ps4. at first it ran smoothly after i saved the game and tried to load it i couldn't so i launched a new game and when i tried to get out of the buildingbeam i couldn't . i tried to delete and reinstall the game and its the same problem
  3. Zorgomol

    {} Filter-to-conveyor issue + hard hang

    How to reproduce: - start new game, creative or R&D - spawn or swap the snapshot tech: - observe non-functional conveyors as highlit below - Try re-attaching an affected conveyor (any of the 'non-directional' ones) - conveoyr direction switching becomes erratic. - Try reversing any of the...
  4. Zorgomol

    [] GSO Up and Step conveyors semi-detach on load

    By semi-detached I mean, they are attached to the craft but do not function as conveyors. Save attached. Also snapshot used to spawn the base, which is likewise affected. GSO Step conveyors and Up conveyors seem to be particularly corrupted. These attached are just example cases, other...
  5. ZeroGravitas

    [][Feedback & Issues] New tech loading menu system

    First of all, just want to say I'm pretty hyped for these changes - it's the biggest thing since workshop support!:D Glad you guys have been giving this some love. Deleting snapshots! Renaming them without re-snapshotting! Workshop loading in campaign! Block Buck value stated! Woot!:) Also, I...
  6. K

    [0.8.2] Can't save/load save (details in post)

    I've been having a problem where I can't save almost 100% of the time, and when I can, I can't load it from the menu. Full details: I started a new game (campaign) after I uninstalled and reinstalled, skipped the tutorial, (if that helps), and completed the missions up until I received the...
  7. ZeroGravitas

    Tech replacement loading in Campaign (like Creative, R&D)

    So, I wasn't a fan of the (over) simplicity of load tech with "Send to Inventory" functionality, when it was new. But given that we have it, and it smooths out game play, why not take it to it's logical conclusion?!;): In-situ loading that replaces your current tech. Like being a flipping...