1. S

    Community Core By The Community (closed for now, sorry just dont have the time for it)

    Hey guys because the Def are working hard on the game, hey dont have time for community core live stream for a while codertears. So i thought i can do it for them on my twichchannel it until they have the time again. I'm looking for some one how can help me because i can only do it one every...
  2. Chrii_the_Vieh

    The official TerraTech Sumo-Arena

    Welcome to the official TerraTech Sumo-Arena for live events! This is the place to submit your best Sumo-techs to become the next official Sumo-Champion in one of the great leagues of TerraTech-Sumo. Payload decided to stop official livestreams on monday, so... We are very proud to present...