1. Potato

    The Lemon Kingdom [Current Ruler: Potato]

    Welcome To The Lemon Kingdom To join, simply say "All hail the Lemon Kingdom!" Built, damaged, repaired, rebuilt again, such is the nature of the Lemon Kingdom, enduring ruin, strife and war only to return stronger. We are a group of workers, merchants, artisans and fighters who banded...
  2. GamerParrish

    My New Profile Pic!

    As a lemon knight, lets be lemon knights! Just wanted to say that this was made by my sister as a gift to me because she knew about the lemon kingdom. And so now I'm a lemon knight :3 Have a Zesty Day!
  3. Chrii_the_Vieh

    The Lemon-Kingdom Dynasty of Zest [Current King ???]

    "We were grown from roots. Golden times we reached with blooming trees and branches full of fruits. Then gloomy shadows touched the golden grove, brought times of chaos and discord as war broke loose. In darkness sprouts nourished from the ashes grew in thin lights, tended to by those known as...
  4. Chrii_the_Vieh

    The Ultimate-Lemon-Built-off [15th July 2016]

    Dear TerraTechnicians and fellow Lemonheads, we, your caring ruler Fifth Lemon-King Chrii_the_Vieh the Lemony Dragon, have decided how to end our reign and choose a worthy successor. We will forward the Lemon-Throne and Lemon-Crown to the next Lemon-King to be on July the 15th 2016. Therefore...