1. Lord Zarnox

    GSO Grade 4 Weapon - GSO Bounder Grenade Launcher

    I find it odd that GSO Grade 4 is the only grade of any corporation to not add any weapons at all (excluding the Special Corporation, but this one makes sense), so I decided I'd make one myself. You can view it on Sketchfab: HERE This is the GSO Bounder Grenade Launcher. It fires bouncing...
  2. The Grand Teki

    Automatic updating like in Minecraft

    For the GOG or TT-website buyers, it's annoying to update manually every time. Why not extend the current launcher to include a "version" tab? If a new version is released, it will ask you "A new update is released, do you want to download it?" in a yes/no panel like when you quit the game...
  3. Gameslinx

    Launcher Overhaul

    The TerraTech launcher certainly needs a new look. The one we have now is getting old and losing functionality. This suggestion will be split into different sections. What we have now: Fullscreen/Windowed Resolution options Input for joysticks (Not sure if actually supported) Here are some...