1. Geocorp Jumper

    BF Class D Laser Ray Buff

    The Better Future Class D Laser Ray boasts extremely high damage; capable of one-shotting GeoCorp one blocks, and destroying the biggest GeoCorp block yet in a mere 6 hits (though the block usually falls off the target before then). However, the laser ray’s rate of fire and single shot behavior...
  2. IBallistic Cheese

    Star Trek Builds: Terra Tech Starfleet

    I'm going to be building star ships from star trek just cuz this game has anti-grav for me to play around with. To start this off... USS Enterprise NCC-1701 A from star trek beyond. BTW the saucer section and the hull/nacelles can be separated since its connected with venture explosive bolt...
  3. Nerf Craft

    Artillery-Class Heavy Weapons

    Here's the idea, each corp gets one artillery-class weapon, and you can only have one on the tech at a time. Each corp's weapon behaves differently. You cannot have the artillery from two corps on one tech(eg: you cannot have a GSO and Hawkeye artillery on one tech). The weapons would be very...
  4. Nerf Craft

    A bunch of my ideas.

    Here is just a list of some of my ideas, both unlisted ones and ones I have talked about in the past. Hawkeye: 1) Fuselage jet engine: A 1x8x1 long booster with inbuilt fuel tank that has enough fuel for five minutes of sustained flight, but takes five minutes to refill when empty. Very heavy...
  5. Nerf Craft

    Better Future Weapon Suggestions

    So I really like Better Future, but the problem with them is that they only have traditional laser weapons. Here are a couple of suggestions to fix that. 1) Photon/Proton Torpedoes: Better Future seems to be going down a steep sci-fi route. So with that I would suggest Photon/Proton...
  6. S_JP

    I would like laser weapon effect to be a bit luxurious

    This is my first post. Since the co-op creative test began, terratech fever is rekindling again. In general, Lasers effects and sound are feeling sluggish. Can not you make it more like a laser beam? image: This is not a wish to increase new laser weapons. Also, if it make the effect...
  7. A

    Energy Beam Turret

    There are a lot of laser guns but none of them shoot continuously so i thought it would be nice to have one. I based it on the HG1, the rail gun, and the Zeus laser. A suggestion for the description: "An laser turret that will shoot a continuous beam of energy at the enemy, it has to be aimed...
  8. UNITGX48

    GEO Corp Weapon : Harvester Beam

    It's been awhile since I've made a post, my last one being thee GSO Terrain Anchor... which was fairly well received. This time I come with something a bit different basically being an oversized Plasma cutter for GEOCorp... Because I had an idea that involved a really big mining laser from GEO...
  9. RC-3197

    Anti-Missile Laser (Point Defense Laser)

    Hello developers and fellow Terra tech players, I'm RC-3197. I mod almost every game I own (except this one, there's no point making modding tools for a game that will eventually have them) Every time I do mod I usually start with a list of ideas, some of them are pretty insane, then I use...
  10. joshMMill


    Large lasers would be cool, more damage for more recharge. (2x2x2x block) I would like to have the lasers to have a longer shot distance, that way you could shoot from very Very VERY far away, even with the enemy tech not knowing. Maybe you could even have the tech get aggressive and moving...
  11. BlackSun

    TERRATECH BURD - OH MY GOD, I found it.

    It was hiding in this compilation on YT, all along! It's the TerraTech LAZOR BURD! At 1:35: But seriously guys, who's ripping off whom here? XD Is that where TerraTech-Lasers come from, or did this burd just play too much? XD Either way, that's incredible.