1. Demlenmis

    Question for all translators

    Hello everybody, Question is simple, how did you translate them or did you just leave them unchanged ? OR did you just create a new names too similar for your native language ? - Carbius - Celestian - Erudian - Olastic - Ignian - Luxian and others ores.. Have a nice day
  2. jnj01

    Norwegian translation

    I'd be happy to help making a Norwegian translation to the game, I see you have most other scandinavian languages but not Norway.
  3. Olli_DXD

    Website management help?

    Hey all! I was thinking about learning website related coding and doing website management here and there. If you have any suggestions to what language I should learn or maybe what I can do in terms of website management. I thank you in advance for your suggestions and... Have it great!
  4. Drinkywinky

    Dutch Translation

    Does somebody want a dutch translations of the game or just stick to the english version? I am planning to make a translation but only if there is enoug support from my dutch fellows. Please leave a comment