kiwi kingdom

  1. The Grand Teki

    The Kiwi Kingdom is NOT defeated.

    RP start We have defeated the Kiwi Kingdom's forces. It took a lot of power, techs, and resources to accomplish this. We thought we finally have peace. We were wrong. Prospecting the rubble of the kingdom, we have found a secret silo with a space armada's blueprint and rocket launch remains in...
  2. diamondnife

    What kingdoms (Lemon and Kiwi) get what TT corps?

    How are the corps divided between the two empires (GSO, Venture, GeoCorp, Hawkeye), or are the corps hired mercenaries between the two? Personally, I think they are most likely hired mercenaries, but I want to see other people's thoughts.
  3. The Grand Teki

    To the 2 kingdoms (lemon, kiwi)