1. Scallywag Mag

    [MSF] Megaship Foundry [Inactive]

    Megaship Foundry (Beligerus will be a placeholder image until I can come up with an actual flag) "It is in your actions that Judgment holds jurisdiction" ~Beligerus
  2. Legionite

    (Kiwi)Tech Wars III - DMEA and the Rogue Kiwis Resistance

    As seen [here], the DMEA has made its first, critical strike on a TAC AI freighter. The DMEA is no longer just an overship, but a fleet of blackish-purple spiny-spikey ships. Some look like space-urchins with larger and longer thorns, some look long with many protrusions on the front, and some...
  3. JuanPinoy

    Legitimate Kingdom

    So many Kingdoms but where do we start, where do we go now? I Know... JuanPinoy presents to you the Legitimate Kingdom Titles King: THE LEGITIMATE King Queen: THE LEGITIMATE Queen Citizens: Legit:cool: Citizenship is open to all forum users Dual Citizenship may or may not be granted...
  4. Legionite

    How many combat capable Techs does your kingdom have at the moment?

    Just out of sheer curiosity.;) TAC has roughly 83+ combat-capable forces with detailed descriptions (auto applied based on characteristics). (Mostly cab-sized smart combat AIs) Notable Techs Includes: Thread Manager Made: TAC Mothership 1x Community Made: HFL Condor 1x Glasgow 1x Gloucester...