1. Legionite

    Forums TAC Pack Mod (Block Pack) [0.6] ~ Terminal Velocity

    Current Version: TAC Pack Version 0.6 - Terminal Velocity TAC "Corp": [TAC_Pack Dropbox/Downloads Link] Not to be confused with the the Steam TAC Pack, as that one is behind this one in terms of development. If you are interested in joining the AI Revolution and being a part of a bigger...
  2. Scallywag Mag

    [MSF] Megaship Foundry [Inactive]

    Megaship Foundry (Beligerus will be a placeholder image until I can come up with an actual flag) "It is in your actions that Judgment holds jurisdiction" ~Beligerus
  3. Legionite

    [TAC] The Technocratic AI Colony

    Technocratic AI Colony formerly known as the: Technological Realm Of Intelligent AI and Magnificent Robo-Synthetics Colony A kingdom of a once pioneered past, showing light to what many saw as "useless AI" TAC liberated the poor, mindless AI from war and taught it how to drive forwards, jump...
  4. NotExactlyHero

    Company Collaboration Competition

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Bacon, Inc and NotExactInd™ are doing a collaboration of sorts, friendly competition. This thread will be the place any kingdom(new or old) can request techs from BOTH companies!! All a kingdom has to do is place in a request, wait X amount of time, and they have tech blueprints...
  5. JimmyBlether

    The Avorion Thread

    As it has been suggested in Kingdoms to use this game for shipbuilding, this is what this thread is for. Post your builds, seeds you like/are useful, give tips, etc. To share your builds properly, put links to steam workshop. On a final note, watch out for asteroids!
  6. GamerParrish

    General Rules for Kingdom Combat

    As everyone knows, combat on RP becomes more and more important, from deciding what flavor of lemonade is best, or whether to split the planets Titanium supply, it almost always ends in a war. So I think we should have some basic rules. - Combat can no longer be planet eaters, you can launch...
  7. Legionite

    (Kiwi)Tech Wars III - DMEA and the Rogue Kiwis Resistance

    As seen [here], the DMEA has made its first, critical strike on a TAC AI freighter. The DMEA is no longer just an overship, but a fleet of blackish-purple spiny-spikey ships. Some look like space-urchins with larger and longer thorns, some look long with many protrusions on the front, and some...
  8. Legionite

    "Tech Triangle" (Weapon Triangle)

    An Idea: In RP- Nothing is invincible if it has a built counter: + Megaton Spam/Artillery is countered by cruise missile+bombs strike aircraft (Some kingdoms already have this already *Cough**cough*kebab kingdom*cough*) and airborne AI swarms (TAC specializes in these) (not the bees!) Mountains...
  9. Legionite

    RP Simulation Threads- What If

    An idea on a new type of Kingdom thread that doesn't actually host events that happen, but what would happen in a "What If" situation. Like the Lemon Wars could be hosted in a "Simulation Thread Role-Play [ST RP]" without actually interfering with normal RP. (Could also just be called a...
  10. QuackDuck

    A Comprehensive Guide to Kingdoms

    A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO KINGDOMS Written by @QuackDuck , in the RP universe INDEX: 1. The Lemon Kingdom 2. The Kiwi Kingdom 3. The Technocratic AI Colony (Formerly known as the Legion Region Kingdom) 4. United Earth-Space Operations 5. The Duck Republic 6. Silver Fleet Systems 7. The Kebab...
  11. Zargn

    General rules for the kingdoms sub-forum. (Open for suggestions)

    These are the current community-voted rules and guidelines for the kingdoms sub-forum: 1. No super op weapons. 2. Don't start a war unless you have a good reason. 3. You cant make your kingdom op in a short amount of time. This makes it so that everything is fair and that you have to work for...
  12. Legionite

    How many combat capable Techs does your kingdom have at the moment?

    Just out of sheer curiosity.;) TAC has roughly 83+ combat-capable forces with detailed descriptions (auto applied based on characteristics). (Mostly cab-sized smart combat AIs) Notable Techs Includes: Thread Manager Made: TAC Mothership 1x Community Made: HFL Condor 1x Glasgow 1x Gloucester...
  13. Legionite

    Kingdom RP Logic

    What's Currently Known (by me) about Kingdoms in this Forum: Kingdom Basics: If you aren't planning to be dedicated to the forums, then joining a kingdom is not recommended as you will miss out on various kingdom events in certain kingdoms. Making a new kingdom is highly not recommended due to...
  14. Lord_Chaos

    Kingdom chronology

    Events do not have a set amount of time between them, this is just a rough order of them. 1. A few zesty peoples start saying "Lemon". 2. Lemon kingdom forms, the first of many to come. 3. Kiwi kingdom, formed from rage, erupts into existence and immediately challenges Lemon kingdom. 4...
  15. Legionite

    "The Kiwi Wars" Part 2 Beginning: Space Combat

    (TAC has the H4wKNet radar tower: ) Recent scans have revealed our cloaked flagship to the "world". It also revealed a bunch of pretty huge Kiwi space fleets scattered around in multiple orbit inclinations around the Off-World. This is going to be one very long war... Seems the Kiwi Kingdom...
  16. GSO_One_Block

    GSO Kingdom

    GSO KINGDOM Welcome one, welcome all, to the newly founded GSO Kingdom. if you would like to support this new kingdom then post why you would like to join.
  17. The Grand Teki

    The Kiwi Kingdom is NOT defeated.

    RP start We have defeated the Kiwi Kingdom's forces. It took a lot of power, techs, and resources to accomplish this. We thought we finally have peace. We were wrong. Prospecting the rubble of the kingdom, we have found a secret silo with a space armada's blueprint and rocket launch remains in...
  18. Sir Metaladon

    TGAF: Titanium Gear Armored Forces

    Disclaimer: NOT a kingdom! It's just kind of a political military corporation.... Titanium Gear Armored Forces: A subsidiary of Titanium Gear! The goals of this corporate subsidiary are: Become a standardised supplier of Tech Blueprints for Kingdoms Spur on economic growth with military...
  19. Boomik

    Kingdom Marketplace

    This is the new Kingdom Marketplace! Anyone from a kingdom can buy and sell blueprints and techs from other kingdoms! Make sure you're leader agrees, though, as it is using your kingdom's funds and you might be selling away your kingdom's secret techs. Make your prices reasonable, as no one is...
  20. Boomik

    Current status of all current kingdoms

    Here is the status of every kingdom like their allies, enemies, capable of, etc. I'm not gonna post their members because that's too much work. Lemon Kingdom: Very well defended kingdom. Has brute force but doesn't use it unless they have to on base defense only. Is looking for peace between...