1. Shidoni

    The Golden Armada

    Welcome to the Golden Armada If you wish to join say "Glory to the Golden Armada, may it survive and thrive!" Now that we have that out of the way, what is the Golden Armada? Well, put simply. The Golden Armada is a kingdom that aims to allow more freedom in techs, to allow the 'not perfect...
  2. TheGamingEnder

    ZTech, the builders of tomorrow's machines today

    well, because I want to start a kingdom that acts like a manufacturing kingdom. we are instantly neutral to all kingdoms, and we are on a planet near the lemon kingdom's(in the same system actually). we are free for colonies to come, but if they try to block others, we will fight them off...
  3. stickman_king_28

    Who's up for roleplaying?

    We're not being techs or people. Just sort of parts of out factio- *CouGH* I mean kingdom. Could someone start us off?
  4. GamerParrish

    The Kebab Kingdom Reborn

    Welcome to the Reborn Current Kebabian News The kingdom with the help of @GamerParrish and @Benbacon have recreated the kingdom since our last leader (Boomik) has fallen to the ban of the forum. Current Allying Requirments To ally with the kebabians currently you must 1. Say you love kebabs...
  5. Potato

    The Lemon Kingdom [Current Ruler: Potato]

    Welcome To The Lemon Kingdom To join, simply say "All hail the Lemon Kingdom!" Built, damaged, repaired, rebuilt again, such is the nature of the Lemon Kingdom, enduring ruin, strife and war only to return stronger. We are a group of workers, merchants, artisans and fighters who banded...
  6. The Grand Teki

    The Melon Kingdom!

    ...Partly a joke from the discord server, current melonians: @WhitePaw2002 @QuackDuck @The Grand Teki @Potato @Saints_Blizzard ALL MLEM THE HOLY MELON
  7. JuanPinoy

    Legitimate Kingdom

    So many Kingdoms but where do we start, where do we go now? I Know... JuanPinoy presents to you the Legitimate Kingdom Titles King: THE LEGITIMATE King Queen: THE LEGITIMATE Queen Citizens: Legit:cool: Citizenship is open to all forum users Dual Citizenship may or may not be granted...
  8. H

    GeoCorp multitech (in progress)

    @moderator feel free to move this in Rambling cause I didn't know where to put it I'm going to build a Geocorp multi-Tech as I'm planning to go into the Kingdom RP this Thread will be a little start for it Kingdom game The first Kingdom which guessed the multi-Tech I'm building is going to be...
  9. GamerParrish

    I give up..

    This kingdom deal, has gone too far. We are now becoming enemies in the forum because of these stupid kingdoms. Look at us, were yelling, lobbing, typing insults at others for no reason but because of kingdoms. All of this because BitMage thought the Lemon Kingdom was a good idea. And look at...
  10. Legionite

    Kingdom Types

    I know lately that there has been a whole lot of controversy about kingdom balancing. The Lemon Kingdom was structured to be a fun place to share Techs with each other. Same thing with the Kiwis, except the kingdom's main focus was Kiwi Memes and fun Memes. They both had one goal in mind, fun...
  11. Lord_Chaos

    Come join the ChaOS!

    The ChaOS is recruiting! come join us today at! We have a wonderful community! No need to be a programmer!
  12. GamerParrish

    The United Federation of Kingdoms

    So, I @GamerParrish, open up "The United Federation of Kingdoms" A.K.A, T.U.F.O.K The kingdom's rules are simple 1. Do not provoke war 2. Do not give any smart comments about how OTHERS think I wanted war 3. Try to keep peace, especially to more powerful kingdoms 4. Respect all Citizens, no...
  13. Sir Metaladon

    TGAF: Titanium Gear Armored Forces

    Disclaimer: NOT a kingdom! It's just kind of a political military corporation.... Titanium Gear Armored Forces: A subsidiary of Titanium Gear! The goals of this corporate subsidiary are: Become a standardised supplier of Tech Blueprints for Kingdoms Spur on economic growth with military...
  14. Boomik


    I am currently recruiting members to the Kebab Kindom. If you join now, you get special roles. To apply, you must give the Kebab Kingdom a Tech Blueprint (snapshot) for a tech you own that you think would help us greatly, OR build a tech for a tech in my Kingdom post that says (build...
  15. Boomik

    The Kebab Kingdom

    Welcome to the Current Kebab News: @Benbacon has been kicked from the kingdom for breaking the duel-citizenship rule, helping our enemy, and disobeying orders! Previous Kebab News: We not longer permit duel-citizenship to non-allies! Kingdom Allying Requirements: For a kingdom to ally us...
  16. Lord_Chaos

    The ChaOS

    Welcome to ChaOS! Backstory: Many years ago, extremely talented programmers formed a band. This band has grown in strength and size for all its existence, hacking networks and systems and turning them to their pawns, building an empire of technological perfection. Even Proxima Darks were...
  17. Chrii_the_Vieh

    The Lemon-Kingdom Dynasty of Zest [Current King ???]

    "We were grown from roots. Golden times we reached with blooming trees and branches full of fruits. Then gloomy shadows touched the golden grove, brought times of chaos and discord as war broke loose. In darkness sprouts nourished from the ashes grew in thin lights, tended to by those known as...
  18. JimmyBlether


    <ROLEPLAY STARTS HERE> Hello citizens of this planet! I am High Commander JimmyBlether of SILVER FLEET SYSTEMS, an intergalactic military, shipbuilding and trading organization. We have noticed that multiple 'kingdoms' and a 'cult' have sprung up on this planet and are soon going to wage war...
  19. QuackDuck

    The Duck Republic

    Welcome to The Duck Republic! Current President: QuackDuck Founder: QuackDuck How to become a citizen: To become a citizen of the Duck Republic, you must submit a tech that is easily mass-produced (No excessive rare or hard to craft parts. Techs with R&D parts will only be used when the parts...
  20. The Grand Teki

    Another "kingdom": United Earth Space Operations (UESO)

    DISCLAIMER: This is mostly a roleplay, don't take everything seriously please! TerraTech flag variation: Affilates: Duck Republic: ALLIED Silver Fleet Systems: ALLIED Kiwi kingdom: AT WAR Lemon Kingdom: neutral Legion Region Kingdom TAC: ALLIED ChaOS: ALLIED Kebab Kingdom: ALLIED TGAF...