1. Soviet_Samuelson

    TF2 reference

    You should make a vanity item that looks like an enemy marker painted onto some canvas The tank is a spy!
  2. Boomik


    I am currently recruiting members to the Kebab Kindom. If you join now, you get special roles. To apply, you must give the Kebab Kingdom a Tech Blueprint (snapshot) for a tech you own that you think would help us greatly, OR build a tech for a tech in my Kingdom post that says (build...
  3. Boomik

    The Kebab Kingdom

    Welcome to the Current Kebab News: @Benbacon has been kicked from the kingdom for breaking the duel-citizenship rule, helping our enemy, and disobeying orders! Previous Kebab News: We not longer permit duel-citizenship to non-allies! Kingdom Allying Requirements: For a kingdom to ally us...