1. JimmyBlether

    The Science Fiction Thread

    ============================================== This thread is for all science fiction fans who want to talk about all science fiction series in the media, past, present, future and your own ideas for them. ============================================== This thread was initially meant to be...
  2. JimmyBlether

    The Avorion Thread

    As it has been suggested in Kingdoms to use this game for shipbuilding, this is what this thread is for. Post your builds, seeds you like/are useful, give tips, etc. To share your builds properly, put links to steam workshop. On a final note, watch out for asteroids!
  3. JimmyBlether

    Custom Titles

    As me and @QuackDuck have got custom titles, I would like to know who else has the feature (besides admins) and post your new titles here if you change it from the boring 'Well-Known Member' (or others). I'm the SILVER FLEET SYSTEMS DIRECTOR as of posting this and QuackDuck is, well, Duck. Big...
  4. JimmyBlether


    Hello! I thought I would make one of these due to the most recent update. I know I have the SFS thread but that is roleplay. This thread is for posting my random techs that I think should have the pleasure of being on the forum. Here is my first 2 pure Hawkeye tanks, the HE SF (saltflats) Patrol...
  5. JimmyBlether

    JimmyBlether's Random Question #1= If You Had Your Own Planet, What Would It Be Like?

    SPAAAACE!!! I'm a person who likes to ask questions and see others opinions and ideas based around it. This one I have asked to others in real life and they've not said too much. I know you lot are an imaginative lot (concerning the amazing stuff you make) so here's the question, if you could...
  6. JimmyBlether

    [] R&D MEGABUG {dispensers and anchored techs vanish}

    OK, I was just building a new SFS tech and after blowing up the turrets I pressed the return to checkpoint button and this happened: (pic not working, all my anchored techs and the dispensers had vanished, but the blocks still were there and the dispenser effect still was there, but my techs...
  7. JimmyBlether

    Buff The Venture Gyro

    Well, here we go. This I must say is technically a complaint and suggestion in one but anyway, I would like the venture gyro to have a stability effect buff. You see, when I try to make a helicopter, it usually ends up being 90% gyro or more but still isn't stable. This may be because of the...
  8. JimmyBlether

    Venture Turbocharger

    OK, this is just an idea I came up with earlier. As GSO has the component factory that's behavior changes when you add a dongle, I thought that a block that increases wheel speed with each 'speed dongle' attached. Not sure what grade it would fit in but you are free to comment and add to this...
  9. JimmyBlether


    First weapon suggestion! As GEOCORP has no ranged weapons, here is a sensible and slightly OP one. The weapon which has to be mounted under a tech causes large shockwaves to ripple through the ground, unanchoring techs and flipping others. It would also shatter resource outcrops releasing their...
  10. JimmyBlether

    More Control Over Tech Placement

    I think we need more control over the 'tech placement' function of the SCU due to if you want to e.g. make large, multi-tech walls around your base or set up vehicles at certain angles. May not be needed but would help with setting up base complexe's layouts. The current version spawns the tech...
  11. JimmyBlether

    Why Can't I Automine In Pillars Biome?

    Big question, WHY? The crystal spire resource outcrops have no 'automime spot' to harvest and are basically the same as the out-of-biome types, just in the same place. Can in 0.7.8 you implement it or is it too OP?
  12. JimmyBlether

    Sinkholes and Canyons

    This is one of my biome ideas, more may follow. I had the idea of that if TT had some <almost> impassable terrain that can be only crossed with bridges (that work now due to almost all wheels work on blocks ;)), would be an interesting addition to the terrain generation. I am positive that...
  13. JimmyBlether


    <ROLEPLAY STARTS HERE> Hello citizens of this planet! I am High Commander JimmyBlether of SILVER FLEET SYSTEMS, an intergalactic military, shipbuilding and trading organization. We have noticed that multiple 'kingdoms' and a 'cult' have sprung up on this planet and are soon going to wage war...
  14. JimmyBlether

    How Do You Upload Pictures From Your Device To Forum?

    I seriously do not know how to do this. If you press the insert picture button it comes up with 'insert image URL'. What do I do afterwards?
  15. JimmyBlether

    Kingdoms Ramblings Subforum

    Due to all the 'Kingdoms' popping up now I think we need a subforum like unofficial modders for them in the ramblings section. Do we need this? Edit: Also, can you move all the kingdoms after you create it?
  16. JimmyBlether

    Increase Gauntlet Gate Height

    I have noticed a problem in Gauntlet since the hover plate height was updated. You see, when I try to make a tiny hover tech to go through Gauntlet with, it is usually destroyed before I exit the start gate due to I end up going over the gate and spontaneously disassemble afterwards. Also on the...
  17. JimmyBlether

    Force Indicators

    I thought I should post this because it may help in the building of flying techs of all kinds. I think TerraTech needs some form of center-of indicators to allow you to know where to place boosters, wings and fuel tanks on a plane or copter (and sometimes cars too). The indicators would show the...