1. B

    Unable to access the component fabric items

    Hello TerraTech-Friends, Please see the attached screenshot. The marked button are greyed out. How can I select them? The tooltip message for the buttons say that some expansions are required, but I don't know how or where to get them. Thanks for help, M and C
  2. Fehn

    A Potential Solution to Pistons and Bearings

    As stated above, I believe that I have come up with a way to have 'Pistons' and 'Bearings' without an overhaul of the Tech Building system. Of course, I may be wrong and this may have been suggested before, we'll just have to see, right? I think that we could have Moving Blocks that work by...
  3. Terra Beetle

    Blocks disappear in SCU

    I know this may be an old thread but I have found a large receiver and when I put it in the SCU it disappeared. So happened with my medium and large silo. :( Does anyone know when will this be fixed?