1. M

    Having troubles with my base

    Hello, I tried to make a big base where there were my refineries ... and for fun I wanted to park my techs into garages. But each time I went somewhere and came back to base my techs would have been destroyed ... Why ? Of course I did place guns to protect this base so it's not the fact that...
  2. Cloud

    [] New update issues

    So! New update, new corporation, new blocks. I know it's in unstable, I'm pointing out problems anyways.
  3. Olli_DXD

    Are you getting the error "cannot decode raw data"(NSURLErrorDomain:-1015)?

    Are you getting the "cannot decode raw data"(NSURLErrorDomain:-1015) error when you try to load a thread, profile page, post or when you're trying to switch page in a thread? Please post here if you get any issues with the forum other than error502 or error504. This thread is only for reporting...
  4. F

    Hawkeye payload terminal

    Hi so I was wondering how I could get the Hawkeye payload terminal. Because I am level 3.. but I don't know how do get it please help!
  5. P

    problems with the new update (0.7.4)

    There is one MAJOR issue with the new update the new item prices. If you want a good repricing of each of these with prices that I could calculate to make a reduced price, or you can make components not able to be sold and instead make a component deconstructer which can break down components...
  6. P

    Crafting still too slow

    So, on my latest playthrough i prettymuch did things they way it seems we are 'supposed' to do things. Harvesting, refining, crafting. And then i gave up. Because it was too time consuming. One big wheel costs something like 36 sap and 24 plumbite. Now, costwise, that's fine. But, you have...
  7. M

    Supreme Shadows Lag

    Dont know if its just my computer setup, but as soon as it goes dark around any techs i drop to around 7 fps (if the tech is larger than 30 items). yet when its day i chug right along at 60 fps. i normally camp out hugging my solar trees waiting for day during the night anyways, but when im at...