1. Z

    Suggestion for the Inventory

    Please make the shared inventory disable able, So that we can have our own inventorys. Or, Just add a Inventory for each player and that shared inventory for sharing blocks. But please let me have my own inventory
  2. C

    A suggestion for the inventory

    I wonder why the inventory button has a little + next to the block because it looks like getting a block (so it would open shop), so i am suggesting that the shop and inventory buttons have their icons swapped as it makes more sense. (And i dont like how it automatically selects a new block...
  3. O

    Items deleted out of my inventory and items fall through the floor.

    I’m on Xbox if that changes anything. Also I started the save on the 28th of March. Recently I’ve been noticing if I’m at the block limit and try to place something I get the usual pop up asking if I want to get rid of something or continue and i basically always say continue but then the item...
  4. EerieLnu

    Undo Send to Inventory Sends Tech Way Underground Win 64 - Undo Send to Inventory Sends Tech Way Underground Platform Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Game version Frequency Every time Game Mode Campaign/Creative (haven't tried in the R&D chamber) Description and Steps to reproduce Have an anchored tech, whether it's a SCU...
  5. ZeroGravitas

    [][Feedback] SCUs should be in "Accessories", Collectors in "Manufacturing" (inventory)

    In a fairly recent update, a few items in the inventory were shuffled around (including the compressed resource blocks being ordered contiguously, thank goodness - still want their own category;)). Anyway, Collectors were moved to the "Accessories" section, despite the GSO and GeoCorp...

    Save presets constructions ?

    Hi guys, I'm playing Campaign mode a short time ago and a question came to me. Sometimes I need to create a faster "car" for challenges, and sometimes I want / need to create something fitter for combat and / or farm. My question is: I have how to create presets for multiple vehicles to load...
  7. jnj01

    Scrolling inventory interacts with camera

    It has annoyed me for quite some time that you'll zoom in on your tech while scrolling the inventory. Would be easy to disable the camera zoom when hovering over the inventory section to avoid this.
  8. ZeroGravitas

    Rework SCU Mechanics (Loading Techs, 'Send blocks to inventory')

    Preface: I really like TerraTech and respect where the Devs seem to be taking it, from what I've seen since I started playing with So I'm just lending some notions, here, in the hope they might align with or clarify existing plans. I think that as a game about building 3D, Lego-like...
  9. D

    Inventory/scrapper interaction with conveyors

    Hi all, Personally I think it would be a nice touch to be able to directly link an inventory block to a large conveyor that allows you to select which blocks you would like to 'export' and then send them straight to the scrappers. For visual reasons a new inventory block would be needed and a...
  10. L

    How to access my collected inventory?

    Numb noob question here. After I utilize the blackhole/collector, how to I access my collected inventory? I can purchase parts just fine, but haven't been able to figure out how to access my inventory. I would have thought I could see my inventory when in build mode "B" or when purchasing, but...