1. HeX

    TerraTech Block List and Info

    This block list and info file contains recipes, ids (for @WhitePaw2002 's SPCheats mod), health, gun data, damage data, armor values, etc. Stable: 1.4.8 Unstable:
  2. ZeroGravitas

    Complete Crafting Guide - What Crafty Mike doesn't teach! [TT]

    Updated version here on Steam! ◄1► "Crafty Business I" - Receivers pick up resource chunks, passing them to Conveyors that move them, Orbital Delivery Canons sell them and Refineries convert them into more valuable refined chunks. :D Receivers pick up loose resources within their short...
  3. The Grand Teki

    EXP blocks' possible corporations if they're added based on corp-specific mission rewards

    Straight to the topic: GSO: Fuel and Electricity Gauge; Small Tow Hook and Ring; Trailer Wheels; Dropper and Pacemaker. GeoCorp: Monster and Titan wheels; Resource Radar; medium and big trailer hooks and rings (except type 2); Articulater Drill, Straight Jackhammer and Angled Plasma Cutter...
  4. Olli_DXD

    To anyone/everyone posting about multiplayer

    Hey! If you're reading this you're probably going to post about multiplayer, maybe you just posted about it or you're just reading this nevertheless. Let me give you some basic info on the subject of multiplayer in Terra Tech. Multiplayer in Terra Tech has been a thing the community has wanted...