1. slaugh7er

    Held block fall trajectory

    hello this is a rather simple idea and should be somewhat easy to implement into the game IDEA the idea is a simple ray cast from the center of the held block downwards with a small sphere being rendered on the hit position of the trace USES this would a simple quality of life improvement...
  2. Sapioit

    Suggestions for improving the game experiences. (15 or more suggestions, most are easy/simple to implement.)

    1. Fabricators should have an new row dedicated to a repeat functionality, in which a block can be made multiple times, by choosing between the options "Once", "Exactly" followed by a textbox where we can write a number (with arrows next to it so we can increment and decrement by one), and...
  3. Revolver265

    Revolver's Humble Workshop

    I have created a place to share my few snapshots. Other people can come here and share ideas with me or post improved versions of my Techs.
  4. S

    Much better block rotation than current system.

    I'm sick of having to click for what feels like 500 times* to get a block to turn to the right position I suggest this as a better way to rotate blocks: Right click (& G) rotates the whole block to a new side (F rotates backwards) (<-- normal control buttons) Shift + above mentioned keys...
  5. Epb7304

    Improvements to the load tech tab

    I know that this is a repeat of my last post so I will not go into too much detail, simply a button to delete techs that you don't want to save, and you will be asked if you are sure, now that that is out of the way, here are some other ideas to go along with it, folders, a way to open a certain...
  6. GamerParrish

    New Forum Warning Suggestion

    So many people believe the new system is too "Harsh", and it is sort of. So here is my proposal. Have a point system. Example: How To Gain Points -Flame Wars: 1 Point -Advertising: 10 Points -Rude/Offensive Comments: 0.5-1 point (Depending on the nature of the comment) -Faking Other...
  7. B

    New block look

    I dont know if it was said before but will we ever see connected blocks like the pics on the wiki of the corporations and by this I mean I solid tech insted of looking like magnets stuck together kinda like conected textures it would be nice and make the tech look more built then just put together
  8. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Crafting Update Rules need tweaking

    Hi Terratechnicians, I found the time to play around with the new crafting on the weekend. First of all I think it is awesome to have those options now. I esspecially love those new filter-menus. This is what I build from the new blocks to throughoutly test the system: Some of those new...