1. Luracasmus

    New Weapon Ideas

    Here are some ideas for new weapons: Better Future Railgun - 3 x 2 x 1 medium fire rate / damage railgun on a rotating turret, similar to the Hawkeye Hunter Railgun. Better Future Plasma Missile - 2 x 2 x 2 Heavy missile launcher. Fires a homing blue / white orb that causes a small explosion +...
  2. Epic afdc

    Reticule research ideas thread

    After the addition of reticule research, and the fact they’re getting put into the main game makes me pretty happy. Reticule Research is one of my favorite corps, and was one of my most anticipated ones to be released, right behind space junkers. I am quite excited for what comes next for this...
  3. L

    Power block ideas

    Base stats (GSO) for reference: -Base battery Capacity: 1500 -Base Repair bubble radius: 4.5 blocks -Base Repair bubble Rate: 200/tick -Base repair tick: 1 second -Base shield Radius: 4.5 blocks -Base Repair Startup time: 1.5 seconds -Base Shield startup time: 1.5 seconds -Base shield/repair...
  4. Matt

    The Ultimate Suggestions Poll

    Hey Everyone! Thanks to everyone who commented and added suggestions to the Ultimate Suggestions Thread. There are loads of great ideas in there (almost too many). So as promised, we've compiled the top suggestions into a poll for everyone to vote on. Shoutout to @HyperXNova20 for helping to...
  5. Matt

    The Ultimate Suggestions Thread

    Hey Everyone! Now TerraTech is released and things have started to settle down I thought it'd be a good idea to gather the most wanted features/items that our community want to see in TerraTech! So how is this going to work? Use this post to add your ideas/suggestions/feedback then 'like' the...
  6. D

    update suggestions

    i have a few ideas for blocks that would make terratech that much better idea number 1. mech legs that allow the tech to jump (different ones give different heights and speed like gso is a slow and doesnt jump that high while GeoCorp has a high jump but is also super slow venture legs are super...
  7. 7

    Multiplayer Campaign Mode

    I recommend adding a Multiplayer Campaign Mode. What I mean by this is to add campaign mode with all of the same missions and such, but with the ability to have 2-4 players, and have to send a steam invitation to invite players.
  8. Impossiblelemon

    More laser weapon and ideas

    Laser: I do believe there is only one weapon in this game, and that is the whatever thing. I would like to see more laser weapon and them being separated from bullets and explosive. This can be expanded to different types of shield, such as laser shield, and projectile shield. The reason for...
  9. GSO_One_Block

    Bosses between each level up of a corporation

    I had the idea that every time you maxed out a level (i.e. got to the end of the bar) there would be a mission that would come up saying: Intruder Alert, and would send an invader to try and destroy you. If you defeated the invader, you would reap the rewards of a new level in that corporation...
  10. The Grand Teki

    Spiky wheels for the glacier biome

    I want to have grip when driving around, especially if it's a race on the new glacier biome.
  11. joshMMill

    Mobile Base Anchors and Base Ramps

    I was thinking of the idea of having a anchor that you could tell it when to stick in the ground. For example, if you had a tech with that anchor attached to it, you could tell it to hook to the ground and become a base. An additional idea I had was a ramp (That is a attachable item) that...
  12. L

    My overall suggestions.

    Personal I develop games as a hobby- and i'm am absolutely in love with your game and it's concept, furthermore I hope development never ceases and this game gets to achieve it's FULL and TRUE potential for greatness. Here are just a few of my ideas- 1. DEFINITELY needs a user interface...
  13. The Grand Teki

    TGT Industries (tech showcase)

    I'll post my techs here if I want them to be seen. Ex. I'm not gonna post my quick unarmed explorer (GSO cab, 2 GSO 2-blocks, and 4 springer wheels, that simple).
  14. The Grand Teki

    My small ideas collection, vol. 1

    1: Please nerf explosion sizes. It's very annoying to go around with my magnet tech and pick up all the blocks thrown around by one. Single. Battery. And let's not talk about fuel tanks and rockets (boosters and HE ones) and megaton cannons and... You get it. I hope. 2: Add a "Defend Crafty...
  15. mr_frank666

    Some ideas

    1: partial shields a partial shield that only covers on one side and uses less energy For example in the shape of a slightly curved surface 2: Battery status indicator a battery indicator for checking the battery status when all batteries are covered or hidden (block that adds HUD element)...
  16. snowrider777

    Multiplayer Ideas

    I think multiplayer would be great for competitive players to show off their skills. It would also bring players togeather through the building of a powerful base and become the top tech. I have made a list of what I think would be cool to be added in the game. I know this will not have a chance...
  17. Olli_DXD

    Suggestions for building in R&D

    Hi! Iv'e run out of ideas of things to build. That is why I want you to suggest something for me to build. Rules are the following: It must possible to make in the R&D test chamber. It must be possible to save in one file. Those are the two rules you must follow to post a build suggestion. If...
  18. Olli_DXD

    Adding orbital base for upgrading and researching of weapons.

    Hi! This brilliant idea just hit me about adding an orbital base to the game. Like a place to see the whole planet, a little like ksp in a way but more si-fi ish. For example, you can upgrade already existing weapons using various materials scattered across the surface. To get the materials you...