1. RC-3197

    RC-3197's Reticule Research Block Idea Megathread

    On the latest terratech live stream (Titled "Reticule Research NEWS! w/ Matt & Kris || TerraTech Dev") Chris stated the following about Reticule Research: Matt also stated in that same video: Hearing that I immediately responded with 3 (technically 4) ideas: - Teleportation Conveyor Belts...
  2. Z

    Suggestion, Camera blocks

    I would like to the something like camera blocks. I mean Blocks that are cameras that you can cycle through. for example to make a first person view. (iam not very good in english, but i hope you understand what i mean.) PS: (this has nothing to do with the suggestion) What means "Beta Deluxe"?
  3. F

    BF Shield/Healing Bubble

    I think the BF shield should also be the healing bubble, they should be one in the same, 2 in one block. I mean its the only 2 block shield wouldn't it be cool if it was also the healing bubble.
  4. A

    Better Future Form shields/repairers

    I think since BF is a sleek looking corp, the shields and repair fields should be sleek. My idea is that you have the repair fields make the effected blocks glow green instead of having an ugly looking bubble around your tech. But for the shields you would have them be invisible until...
  5. I

    New Parts for "mega-techs"?

    I was thinking there should be some more specialized parts that consume power for command-vessel type techs. For instance, it would be fun to have a "drone factory" to be able to deploy small drones right from your tech without going into your inventory. In addition, it would be fun to have...
  6. E

    New block idea!

    I have an idea about a new block, i would call it the Resource Transporter block. It would be a block you would put on bases, whether mobile or anchored. It will work in pairs. What it would do is whatever goes onto one side will get transported to the other, and I would suggest that it would...
  7. ∑∆®†∫n.


    In the world of terratech the most utterly broken weapons are missiles, seriously, they can snipe enemies from distances that AI can't detect, one shot unprotected cabs and annihilate any tech lacking a healing bubble, i propose a solution and that is Flares! these would shoot out and distract...
  8. Milkman

    Better Future Blocks Ideas: 3D Printer and Tractor Beam

    I have 2 block concepts for the new 'Better Future' corporation in TerraTech. Concept 1: 3D Printer I think it would be cool to have some sort of 3D printer as an end-game block(really expensive). After the press of a button, it would print a certain set of blocks wich would make up a new tech...
  9. M

    drop all resources

    make a button which is next to the anchor tech button which drops all of the resouces that are currently being held on your tech. This would be really helpful. Thanks

    A wiki in game.

    I think it would be interesting to put a feature wikipedia type in game. For example, when collecting blocks for inventory you get information about this block, for example: Your weight Sale value. Purchase price. Resources obtained by recycling it. Rarity. In weapons could also have: Damage...

    We need a map!

    We need a map in urgent campaign mode, so it would be easier to find and search for resources.
  12. R


    Hi it's RoboticLord here, my first post for suggestion (Boats?) ya..., not going to go there. But here is a new idea I had for Terra Tech, my idea as space. I thought would it be possible to add space parts,new space faction, making satellites and more. Think of it you can make techs that can...
  13. R

    Boats? Vote

    As anyone thought about how cool it would be to have ships, water, and anything boat related? Well I thought that it would be cool to have boats in Terra Tech, with a game like this it would be amazing to add boats into the game. Thing about it, making boats to travel to an island, building...
  14. Legionite

    A New Block Painting Mode- Click and drag to place multiple blocks

    "Press and hold Left Mouse Button to deploy a line of blocks"- [exists in some building games] (toggle-able in the block painting menu) I honestly have no idea if this has been suggested before, or if it is planned, but basically what happens is that you: 1. Left Click and hold to start the...
  15. MishkaRose

    Mishka's Bugs and New Ideas

    this is a thread i will post all my bugs / ideas. lists are not in any particular order. Bugs : 1 : techs slide/bounce when your not moving them(anchoring them stops this because it stops all movement(reloaded the save if left unanchored might cause the tech to slide again)). 2 : blocks are...
  16. Impossiblelemon

    May be cab have different states and ability :3

    Yes, we do have normal cabs, but what if, what if there are cabs that can increase the speed of the wheels, increase the damage for a certain type of weapon, lighter weight, or increase the absorption for shield? Or abilities, such as air strike, call for back up, lighting strike, or buffs (for...
  17. TheNecromancer

    List of ideas: Parts, Terrain,AI,Boss Battle, and more

    I have been playing TerraTech for along time now and I must say I've enjoyed it a lot. From exploring, gathering, building bases , and rampaging through the world with an army of techs, TerraTech provides an opportunity for endless possibilities. I enjoy the play style of "The World is a Sandbox...
  18. Legionite

    Modular "Monument" Terrain Structures and Ideas for them

    Since Venture race tracks just spawn into a world when selecting their mission, why not expand off of those objects that can be spawned to make invasion installation missions? The Pillars Biome also proves that having monuments spawn in specify positions is possible. Link to originating idea...
  19. Legionite

    Allow Specific Part Clipping on New 2-Part Axles

    Remembering how the Component factory has some empty spaces on it for modules: I don't know how much time it would take to at least make an area of free placement in the middle of the 2x2x3 Axle, but it would be undeniably useful for the future of enemy multi-Techs. It would basically be...
  20. Boomik

    Make the base blocks require power

    Base blocks requiring power was the case before, then it got changed for some reason. I like the idea of powered base blocks, because the base blocks currently are just magically powered by an invisible force. This also makes mobile base techs more of a hassle so there will be less of mobile...