1. Legionite

    [TT_Unstable] Where the new R&D blocks should be

    So I have heard hints from others mentioning that some of the new R&D blocks in the game have been mentioned/hinted to be in certain corporations, but some of them seem out of place... So I heard from someone that the Big Top Prop is supposedly going to Venture. This doesn't seem that fitting...
  2. Legionite

    [Steam Workshop]Supreme Hype Overload Leak!

    Steam Workshop is coming to Terra Tech!!! Probably 2 days from now? Not here yet, but getting closer!
  3. Legionite

    Venture Jet Engine Hype Thread

    Given that the Venture Jet Engine is going to be revealed for Canaries tomorrow, and TT_Unstable users on Monday, it makes sense to begin a thread on wild thoughts on a new part and see how it actually is! Post here how you think the Venture Jet Engine is going to be! Be sure to specify if the...
  4. Nocallia


    https://clips.twitch.tv/baconus_yum/JollyFerretBuddhaBar https://clips.twitch.tv/baconus_yum/FantasticGuanacoShadyLulu -Baconus