1. Lord Zarnox

    [] Bigger wheels need bigger techs... (How big can we go?)

    Now I will need to build a bigger tank using the behemoth wheels. After I finish my GeoCorp Transport: I doubt it is even 10% complete. I MUST make it huge. The wheel in the background has been there for several minutes, by the way.
  2. Shayne

    Custom terrain generation.

    I've been trundling round my world in a giant geocorp / GSO / experimental build for quite a while now, and it struggles to move, a lot of the time, due to the fact that wheels cannot climb extremely high / mountainous terrain, but that is the main terrain in the game. Especially surrounding...
  3. Nightblade Greyswandir


    Hello to TTpeople! At this moment this is only game that I play, and that mean that I do not play Elder Scrolls Online, Civilization 6 and Elite Dangerous because of this game. Here I will post some interesting tech made mostly by me and some made by my 9 years old son who also love TT and...
  4. Terra Beetle

    Biggest plane?

    I made this plane, and I want to know if it's not the biggest, which one is the biggest? The pic is downloadable, to see better.
  5. Terra Beetle

    Mega SCU storage

    My idea is instead of getting that little SCU block you get a humongous trading station - sized SCU black hole which once anchored, can't be moved. You get a SCU landing signal emitter, which you get instead of the SCU storage now, you put it on the ground, it sinks and the SCU black hole lands...