1. sharmoni

    Flaming Pinwheel for the 4th!

    My first experiment with axles. Hoverbug propulsion. Fire weapons to ignite flamethrowers https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2153743586
  2. Legionite Was the Death of the Hoverbug. Bring Back the Hoverbug!

    Based on input from others on the Discord: The cruel update of was tasked with assassinating the bug everyone knew and loved. It was tasked with replacing the hover bug in many fronts: The control switch, the lift effect, even the legacy name! The new controls scheme was to replace the...
  3. AstraTheDragon

    Legitimising the Hoverbug (Suggestions and wishes.)

    I really appreciate the fact that the devs are taking into consideration the popularity and potential of the hoverbug and are going to legitimise it as a proper feature (which will allow hesitant people to experiment with it) but in the interest of keeping 'illegal' creations alive and making...