1. F

    Reducing turning sensitivity

    I have a small Better Future hover tech that turns way too quickly, and is pretty hard to control. Any way to reduce the turning speed or sensitivity?
  2. warbrand2

    LMC Carrier mk3

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2169358350 Light, Missile, Command carrier mk3.
  3. R


    Had nothing to do and haven't played in a while so the Better Future faction was new to me. I love the slick new designs that you can make!
  4. Cloud

    No wheel sound at all

    Wheels make no sound at all. Turning, forward, backwards, nothing. No sound emits from them. Legionite assumes the problem is based on the hover playback sound.
  5. Saelem Black

    Anti-drift Block for Hovercrafts/Helicopters

    TL;DR in bold Here's hoping some devs will see this. With Better Future parts now out for R&D, I've been heavily experimenting with hovercrafts trying to make a viable hovertank which could realistically compete with a wheeled tank. I've gotten a few techs I like okay, but the drift still kills...
  6. ZeroGravitas

    [] BF Hover vectoring keyed from original build orientation (driving backwards)

    As with several other issues, still - the new vectored Better Future hover rings steer relative to the original build orientation of the tech, not realigning when the primary cab is turned around: Also demonstrates the crazy dipping and tipping. (Already patched?) Really would love to see a...
  7. A

    Block Ideas #1

    Hovering Anchor An anchor that will keep your hover crafts in one place. When you anchor with this it will send down what looks like a mini build beam and it will anchor a hovering tech wherever it is at. I'm thinking it may look like a small Geo Corp mining laser. Transport Cannon A gigantic...
  8. Legionite

    TAC Hover Classes

    TAC has been researching multi-Tech/bug/hoverbug stuff since its founding, so it knows a great deal on this messy stuff: Hover Assisted Flight is flight that is suspended by hover plates. Basically the method of building a Tech realistically. A good example of the normal kind that the Heavy...
  9. ZeroGravitas

    [1.0] Hovers on planes cause flight mission fail (triggered by hoops)

    I hit upon this while flying ksd_gk's "FS Tie" plane in R&D (save attached). You have to fly a plane's undercaridge close enough to a mission ring that it triggers the hover plates. Presumably this puts the tech in a grounded state, so thinks you've landed. Bit of a niche issue.
  10. the.nihilist

    Slowdown after using boosters on hovercraft (too fast?)

    While playing around building my first more serious hovercraft i found an odd behavior when using a booster on a hovercraft or better afterwards. I haven't tested it with other combinations yet, so i'm not sure if it is a bug or a default behavior, my setup though: GSO Hoverplates (both types)...
  11. Soviet_Samuelson

    Hoverpad suggestions

    Hotkey to toggle hoverpad activity K E E P H O V E R G L I T C H Better response to hills Hoverpads/horns that correct drifting and help tech turning (hawkeye?)
  12. Blizz Fizz

    Intertia dampener block.

    To tame the wild ride that is hover vehicles. Stop from bobbing, gliding, etc. Act as a brake. The more used the stronger the effect. Maybe disable the dampening to certain vectors when adding forces like forwards or sideways thrust. It could possibly be used to make any vehicle, ground or...
  13. ilikegoodfood

    Properly Define "Hovers"

    Currently the system of Hover parts in TerraTech is functional, however it is also self-contradictory. Generally speaking a Hover is more properly known as a Repulsor. A Repulsor, as the name implied, repels or pushes away from any physical objects that get too close. Depending on the power...
  14. Terra Beetle

    Small and effective hovercraft!

    I made this hovercraft: It's very fast, easy to control, has two pip machine guns and two hail fire rifles. I couldn't fit a shield and a battery, but still it's very effective against small techs. I like it a lot :)
  15. Demind

    Lift from combining wheel & hover plates

    I noticed a bug, so I made a tech out of it. Gotta tell you, building this thing was a major pain. Here's hoping that someone finds this useful/interesting.