1. C

    [Console] My SCU disappeared because of BA

    So I went to place my SCU to pick up a tech I had destroyed (because I horde all of the blocks). When I went to place it the game prompted me with "you have reached BA blah blah blah would you like to put this tech in storage" and I hit the b button and my SCU disappeared. I clipped it and you...
  2. noahthedog

    How to absorb blocks

    I seen other people absorb blocks quickly in multiplayer after they killed someone. How exactly do they do it? Is there a button you press or something.

    My silo is in trouble.

    my silo gets full in the middle of the game, in my factory I have 11 silo lined up, each one stores a mine. However when I leave the game and enter all the resources are on the ground and the silos are empty. This is normal?

    Save presets constructions ?

    Hi guys, I'm playing Campaign mode a short time ago and a question came to me. Sometimes I need to create a faster "car" for challenges, and sometimes I want / need to create something fitter for combat and / or farm. My question is: I have how to create presets for multiple vehicles to load...
  5. P

    Harvester AI

    I was wondering if the opcion of an ai being a harvester will be back and inproved? Or if it still is in the game how do i find that option cause i cant find it anywere...:(
  6. JuanPinoy

    Manual Aiming

    Okay I've been away from a while so how I manually aim?
  7. LumberHat

    Game Crashes When Approaching Base

    My save is somewhat late-game, so I'd rather not have to restart my game. I have had issues with techs duplicating before, so I think it may have something to do with that. I unfortunately have no backups, which is a huge mistake by itself. If anyone can explain how to fix this, or do it through...
  8. Soviet_Samuelson

    New graphics option(s)

    Nope graphics setting: Everything looks just as blocky and pixle-y as minecraft. Just utterly bad(compared to poor graphics). Probably just and EXP feature, for those who want max framerate when building the biggest of boys. No animated textures. Resources just look like cubes. Bullets/wings...
  9. M

    A Call to Arms! Help please...

    Dear Terratech Community, As some of you may know Youtube has changed its rules yet again and they are pushing the small channels out of monetization. So what, they don't make 22 cents a day anymore..? Well actually there is more to it than that. Without being monetized, you don't get any...
  10. ElrondAmarzon

    Anyone know how to do gamefile stuff on a Mac?

    Hey guys! So, I noticed that most (practically) all of the peeps on here use a windows OS ;-; and I've been messing around with the gamefiles myself. I even created a tiny mod that (should have) made GSO compressed blocks use only 1 resource, and feed out 100, but instead, I had to redownload...
  11. GamerParrish

    Any Late Game Saves?

    So I've played TT so many times over, I'm tired of starting at the beginning. So if anyone has LATE LATE game saves, it would be greatly appreciated!
  12. F

    Hawkeye payload terminal

    Hi so I was wondering how I could get the Hawkeye payload terminal. Because I am level 3.. but I don't know how do get it please help!
  13. JuanPinoy

    To YouTubers

    What software do you use to record, and to edit. P.S. Any other tips?
  14. JuanPinoy

    How do I make multi Techs?

    Any idea how to make multi Techs? *Edited title for clarity and tweaked message to still make sense.
  15. PeasOfMind

    [Solved] Crafty Mike IV, Can't Find Oliete Seam

    Hello, I can't seam (haha) to find the Oliete seam on this mission. When I arrived at Mike for this part of the Crafty Mike quest line Mike was surrounded by rocks. I broke all nearby rocks down and cannot find the Oliete seam. I tried to see if I hadn't fully destroyed any of the rocks by...
  16. jnj01

    Help pls

    I'm playing on the newest unstable branch in a save I've had for a while, and every trading station says "access denied" when I'm right-clicking it. Therefore I can't get any new missions and progress is stopping... What to do for them to work normally again?
  17. jnj01

    Just curious.

    So there's this save I've been playing on for quite some time and maxed out all corporations. I have discovered pretty much all blocks and have about 850.000$, yet I can't seem to find the venture mobile SCU storage. Is it not yet in the game, or have I somehow been very unlucky and never found...
  18. J

    I stored my scu in itself

    I accidentally clicked store tech on the scu and now its gone, help plz
  19. MatsuseIzuna

    [0.7.4] GSO Filter blocks have broken resource chunk pictures

    As soon as i updated this morning all my filters continued to work like normal, except for the fact that the pictures for the resource chunks completely disappeared. I have verified the cache and restarted steam as well, those solutions do not work. This happens 100 percent of the time, even...
  20. F

    Help with anchor needed!

    So I created a mobilish base. It was set up on four anchor supports, which worked perfect fine... Until I took them off to equip wheels to put it on the move. I got it to the location that I wanted it, took off my wheels. and then threw the anchors back on, so it was an operating base again. The...