1. Planengineer


    So, i was like watching the steam workshop higlights, and noticed some interesting things. Like In the 15th one there's a space shutle, And it uses some kind of "new multistage explosive bolts"... What are theese??? Also, 4th has the trio turrets, and if you look at the geocorp enemy, you see...
  2. M

    custom corps fix mod help anyone

    how do you add custom corps to the custom corps fix mod on steam?
  3. 19344441.leggo

    kgeam mod block

    I have recently started making mods, but there are many things I don't know about making mods, so please teach me a lot (I know basic operations). (I am Japanese and the text is translated by deepl, so the text may be wrong). I especially want to know how to make bullets that are not in...
  4. S

    Refinery Asking For Refined Resources?

    Im tryna build a machine that goes from refinery to fabricator that compacts blocks, but the refinery every time I try to craft a block the refinery tries to filter for refined resources? Am I doing something wrong or missed something
  5. AriNeko


    I'm trying to add wings for my custom corp but they don't berhave like wings at all, i set the prefabs in Unity to be wings, but they don't have lift or flap controls. so no cxlue what i'm doing wrong.
  6. Geocorp Jumper

    How to do block animations and textures for modding tool?

    I’m working on my first custom block (a weapon), and I have the model nearly finished in Blender. All I lack is to figure out animations and textures. The animation is a custom one I’ll be making in Blender. Without giving too much away, the animation basically involves part of the block rising...
  7. T

    Where is Suzie Vroom on the cross country time trial?

    I started the cross country time trial, went to the quest marker thing, and Suzie Vroom is nowhere to be found and there is no way to start the race
  8. T

    How to get to reticule research grade 3

    I did all available missions for reticule research grade 2 and can't figure out how to get to grade 3 of reticule research
  9. H

    Save Game didnt load

    I have googled and tried to fix this problem, but my autosave and my last manual save do not appear in the game even though their files are still where they should be. I cant get them to show and might have just lost 5 hours of gameplay. How do i fix this
  10. M

    I can't use my inventory!

    i can't use my inventory. If i open my inventory i try take something i cant i cant click block please help me
  11. S

    Xbox One: Spider King Mission has vanished and won't reappear in Trading Stations.

    Hello, So far, my experience with this game has been fantastic. Very few bugs, awesome features and visuals, constant updates, tight-knit community, However, today I found a bug that actually made me quite annoyed. My main goal of the playthrough was to take over the Spider King's Lair for...
  12. G

    Corporation Unlock Levels?

    Is there a set level of the GSO license to unlock each corporation? If so, what are those levels?
  13. H


    This is more a question of controls than actual flier construction. This is the flier that I'm trying to fly with. Simple construction, nothing crazy. However, everytime I go to fly, I don't have any pitch control. Both W and S as well as UpArrow and Downarrow are treated as forwards and...
  14. D

    [1.3.2] I keep getting the same invader

    Ive been sitting in this desert for over an hour now and I have gotten four of the exact same invaders one after another after another. What am I doing wrong and why do I keep getting the exact same invader?
  15. D

    Need Help With This Base

    I am in the process of making a new base, and I cant figure out why this is happening. Can anyone help? (The silos not registering with the base)
  16. C

    [Console] My SCU disappeared because of BA

    So I went to place my SCU to pick up a tech I had destroyed (because I horde all of the blocks). When I went to place it the game prompted me with "you have reached BA blah blah blah would you like to put this tech in storage" and I hit the b button and my SCU disappeared. I clipped it and you...
  17. noahthedog

    How to absorb blocks

    I seen other people absorb blocks quickly in multiplayer after they killed someone. How exactly do they do it? Is there a button you press or something.

    My silo is in trouble.

    my silo gets full in the middle of the game, in my factory I have 11 silo lined up, each one stores a mine. However when I leave the game and enter all the resources are on the ground and the silos are empty. This is normal?

    Save presets constructions ?

    Hi guys, I'm playing Campaign mode a short time ago and a question came to me. Sometimes I need to create a faster "car" for challenges, and sometimes I want / need to create something fitter for combat and / or farm. My question is: I have how to create presets for multiple vehicles to load...
  20. P

    Harvester AI

    I was wondering if the opcion of an ai being a harvester will be back and inproved? Or if it still is in the game how do i find that option cause i cant find it anywere...:(