1. Geocorp Jumper

    Jet Wings

    I’ve been holding off on posting this idea because I don’t want to keep spamming the forum, but it’s eating me up, so here goes. I recently built a Venture speed jet. Because the standard wings had too wide a spread, I used Venture’s tail wing and their new tail wing extender. But then I...
  2. X

    xam5021's mishmash of modded blocks

    Doing this now This post is very likely to be edited. Ok so, I've been assembling a few modded blocks over the past few months and thought I'd put them online somewhere Literally none of these are mine -yet, hoping to change this at some point in future- There are no weapons in here and I'm...
  3. HayderHurder

    Hawkeye Low Atmospheric Airfleet

    A few ideas I have for what it would look like if hawkeye launched a naval campaign...with no water. These were all built on XBOX one, and only one has any blocks that aren't Hawkeye.
  4. warbrand2

    LMC Carrier mk3

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2169358350 Light, Missile, Command carrier mk3.
  5. garr890354839

    Extra Building Blocks

    TL;DR: I want more building blocks. Better Future and Hawkeye sloped blocks are fine as-is but are missing a lot. For starters, the box design pieces are missing a 2-face blank block (two faces on opposite sides, like the RR Armored One block), a 3-face blank block (the blank faces form a U...
  6. Legomonster33

    [FeedBack] Wingnut from the Rook Creek Bridge mission needs an update.

    He *can* one-shot you but he is incredibly easy to kill and if you kill him safely you can get 10 battleship cannons way too early into the game nullifying any sense of weapon progression as the battleship cannons are already one of the most powerful weapons in-game. I suggest that all of his...
  7. Legomonster33

    [Feedback]Sargent smashes change of attitude is too sudden.

    You finish doing one of his mission and he's like you little hacker you can't do anything right. then when you do the next mission hes like ya your cool thanks for doing my stuffs.
  8. General Douglas

    [] New Weapons and Blocks

    So I've been testing out the new weapons; the Hawkeye Type 45 Naval Gun, and the Reticule Research Hive Missile Launcher, to see how they perform in the field. I have to say the Hive Missile Launcher is a beast of a weapon, its missiles are incredibly fast and it deals loads of small hits...
  9. Warning220

    3 intresting weapon suggestions

    1:Missile pods. Yes they have been suggested many times before and will be untill one they they are added to the base game but still they would make an amazing addition to the game. 2:Balistic Missile. A very large very slow firing missiles probably 2x2x8 size missile which would have a...
  10. Warning220

    Missile battery

    A rocket launcher that would be 1x3 block it would be for the hawkeye corp and it would launch 4 medium sized missiles and then reload slowly which would be very usefull for fast and small planes as well as helicopters and something like this. And a larger version that would be 2x5x2 that would...
  11. Saelem Black

    Spider Eyes/Mandibles... in Hawkeye?

    I'm hoping this is some sort of thing where Payload didn't want to use the EXP corp for some reason and decided to put work-in-progress blocks in an adjacent corp for now. These are straight up Legion blocks. Why are they in Hawkeye? They seem... very very out of place. Jarringly so. I'm also...
  12. A

    what is the problem with my tech?

    i recently made a tech that was supposed to look like the lockheed sr-71 blackbird, but as it turns out it cant lift off. this is the link to the tech in the workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1748897000
  13. Nerf Craft

    Some Old Removed Blocks I Think Should Be Added Back

    After discovering all the different blocks in the game that have been removed, I was slightly disappointed to see some very specific ones not be in the game today. So here are some of the blocks I discovered that I think need to be returned. First off, the Hawkeye landing gear wheel. Although...
  14. Nerf Craft

    A bunch of my ideas.

    Here is just a list of some of my ideas, both unlisted ones and ones I have talked about in the past. Hawkeye: 1) Fuselage jet engine: A 1x8x1 long booster with inbuilt fuel tank that has enough fuel for five minutes of sustained flight, but takes five minutes to refill when empty. Very heavy...
  15. burger1113

    Burger's New and Improved

    *Steam Links Below* A HE Quadcopter with ALL the weapons by HE that are functional on fliers. An upgrade from my old Flying Tank, with improvements on most aspects. Well balanced, higher firepower, better control, Etc. Flying Tips Set throttle to 82% Use thruster to go up A,D to turn left or...
  16. Epic afdc

    Hawkeye 4B “riot” bayonet shotgun

    A 4 barrel shotgun that has 1.5x the range, twice the spread, twice as many projectiles, twice the recoil, twice the price, and 4x the damage (compared to the standard bayonet shotgun) This block will be 3x2x2 (lxwxh) Description: The 4b bayonet shotgun has earned several nicknames, such as...
  17. Epic afdc

    Choosing a starting Corp REVAMPED

    (Part 1)Okay the basic concept of this is quite simple, choosing your own starter Corp, for example starting with venture or GeoCorp. And when you start, each Corp has their own unique starter missions. For example, when you start as venture, you do races to earn the starting blocks. And I can...
  18. Nyaruko

    More types of bombs

    My idea is fairly simple, bombs for every company currently in the game. GeoCorp could have crates of mining explosives for their bombs, venture could drop lots of smaller weaker bombs, and Hawkeye could drop bombs about the same size as GSO but about 25% faster with a larger AoE and doing more...
  19. ZeroGravitas

    [0.8.2] Sergeant Smash MIA, mission borked (Black OP Pit Viper)

    And again, it seems. It sounds like a very similar glitch to the one @QuackDuck reported here, but I'm thinking it's related to a different mission and maybe a different cause...? It looks like the Sergeant's location marker gets spuriously placed back at the location he departed from, when...
  20. MrTwister

    [] Feedback - Track turning, Cannon turrets turning-tracking

    Firstly guys thank you very much with fixing the issue of sliding wheels in one of the recent 0.8... patches. The side grip is now awesome on all of the wheels including the largest ones and the techs are far more controllable! Good work with those ones, really appreciate the change. 1) Just...