1. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactInd™ Archive(Explained at a Later Date)

    Here’s some stuff you need to know, assuming this is your first time viewing this thread: 1. This could be considered a Tech Showcase, but it's Techs from a company, not a singular entity. I.M.R.S.A.P.T.M.W.T.T would be NotExactlyHero's Tech Showcase... 2. In RP, common restrictions apply to how...
  2. Exund

    Sylvered Army (by Sylver)

    Welcome to the Sylvered Army hangar,soldier! Here you will find the Techs made by our most talented swiss engineer Sylver !(A.K.A. Exund Starwind but its another Story) There will be all types of Techs:Flyers, Harvesters, Tanks, Harvester Flyers, Tank Flyers, Tank Harvester Flyers, Compacted...