1. Warning220

    3 intresting weapon suggestions

    1:Missile pods. Yes they have been suggested many times before and will be untill one they they are added to the base game but still they would make an amazing addition to the game. 2:Balistic Missile. A very large very slow firing missiles probably 2x2x8 size missile which would have a...
  2. B

    gun upgrade?

    terra tech shoud make upgrade able gun like fire bullet explodeing bullet faster reload and how it look:):Dtonytony
  3. A

    Energy Beam Turret

    There are a lot of laser guns but none of them shoot continuously so i thought it would be nice to have one. I based it on the HG1, the rail gun, and the Zeus laser. A suggestion for the description: "An laser turret that will shoot a continuous beam of energy at the enemy, it has to be aimed...
  4. Whensgen

    Dual Autocannon (Gunsquid)

    Hello everyone! With the latest R&D technology comes a fantastic new thruster/weapon, the Dual Autocannon. This new device has allowed me to make something I've wanted for a long time, a replacement quadcopter powered by weaponry. Without any further ado, the Gunsquid! If you want, add a...