1. P

    Harvester AI

    I was wondering if the opcion of an ai being a harvester will be back and inproved? Or if it still is in the game how do i find that option cause i cant find it anywere...:(
  2. ZeroGravitas

    Bug Reporting Quick Start Guide, FAQ and Common Bugs

    (1) Make the report! - It would be very helpful for you to have a quick read through this guide before making a report. But if the information is too much to take in, please don't be put off. We will still be happy to see what issue you are having, even if it's a duplicate. Devs or other active...
  3. ZeroGravitas

    Complete Crafting Guide - What Crafty Mike doesn't teach! [TT]

    Updated version here on Steam! ◄1► "Crafty Business I" - Receivers pick up resource chunks, passing them to Conveyors that move them, Orbital Delivery Canons sell them and Refineries convert them into more valuable refined chunks. :D Receivers pick up loose resources within their short...
  4. Potato

    Resource/Component Price Guide

    Boredom has loomed over me. My techs are getting built, piece by piece. As I said before, I'm a forgetful Potato - I can't remember a lot of things without scribbling down notes. So I made this Resource/Component Guide. I figured it could help those who want a quick list to look up to. I'm...
  5. Kirchhoffs

    Looking for volunteers to help me with info for one of my guides.

    So, i made a guide about GSO Auto Miners. GUIDE: Don't forget to check some other guides aswell. Some great content and info. ;) Now i would like you to do the following if you want to help me: NOTE: you will be mentioned in the...