1. GSO_One_Block

    GSO Kingdom

    GSO KINGDOM Welcome one, welcome all, to the newly founded GSO Kingdom. if you would like to support this new kingdom then post why you would like to join.
  2. GSO_One_Block

    EXP Blocks

    I have been messing around in Creative mode and I found the new Geocorp tech building wheels, the EXP Titan wheels, I loved the idea of wheels bigger than the Geocorp Big-Boy Wheels because most techs use them because of their humongous size, 6 x 6 x 6. I was surprised that there were wheels...
  3. GamerParrish

    8 Shot Mortar Targetting

    I run into problems all the time in TT. But this one is the worst. I get the 8 Shot Mortar and it wont hit anything! They keep missing and not going where I want to. So I think maybe have the shells move slighty in the direction that way you can target them but without having them hit dead on...
  4. peterb39

    GSO Destroyer

    I made a powerful GSO tech in the campaign. Here are two versions with slight differences.
  5. peterb39

    GSO Refinery Bug

    I have had some troubles with the GSO Refinery. It refines 5 resources, stops taking in chunks for one conveyor "tick", then starts again. this causes it to miss any subsequent resources and therefore stop working. However, this only happens when you unload more than 5 resources at a time.
  6. M

    Faction AI

    From what I've noticed, there due to reworking of the AI GUI, there's a lacking in diversity for AI types. All four corporations have different AI blocks, yes, but they all function the exact same. So, this is what I propose for future AI development: GSO: Due to GSO being the most basic...
  7. J

    The corporations as a school class :D

    so there we have it.The TerraTech class. There we have GSO.He´s .....average.... not be best grades but he knows how things case of sport he can be better,but he is ok. Then we have GC......he is very very intelligent,has the best grades and solves every test with an A+.But he isn´t...
  8. Fire Sire

    So... GSO 5

    I need honest answers. What is the fastest way to gso 4/5. I'm halfway through 3, and all I'm finding is geo after geo. one or two gso missions show up, but mainly geocorp. so how does one reach gso ranks 4 and 5? are certain areas better for finding gso missions, are bases the best way, and if...
  9. D

    GeoCorp scrapper

    I would love to see a GeoCorp scrapper that can scrap all GeoCorp parts.Maybe a venture scrapper too.Right now we only have a GSO one and i think it would very good to be able to scrap all blocks in the game.
  10. D

    GSO Node Silo / 1 block silo is bugg-ed

    It is a block that you can get in the main game. But it has 2 problems: - It ain't availible to buy (in terminal) - It doens't show up in your inventory Link to pics: Plz fix it
  11. Terra Beetle

    Venture Bombardier

    I made a big venture bombardier: It packs two megatons, a lot of hail fire rifles, it's easy to fly and has batteries for ages. The boosters are only for takeoff and some bombarding maneuvers. This isn't the best angle of it tough. Feel free to download and test it! ;) Here it's making a...
  12. piRatemaster

    [0.6] Fabricator Mission

    The 'Fabricator' Mission will prevent itself from continuing if the GSO Grade 2 Fabricator dropped by the Harvest Boss is taken into the SCU Storage Unit. No other missions would start, and I had to stop my save.
  13. Cusuno

    GSO Cosmonaut Cab's first and final Multiplayer Arena Debut in Robocraft

    GSO Cosmonaut Cab is finally back after a long break! This time even bigger than ever before and now dares to join the battle in the icy lands of the Ice Planet with other players. This is the first and last multiplayer video of the Cab being fully equipped in Robocraft because Megabots are...
  14. StyxAnnihilator

    GSO Armor plate additions (3x 1 & 2 & 3)

    Sometimes I miss having armor blocks in the sizes 1x3, 2x3 and 3x3 Like cover larger blocks that have few connection points, as GeoCorp Wheels and GSO fuel tanks and boosters. GSO have blocks with length 3, 4 and 5 (x1x1), so would be in the same spirit to have larger armor plates too. 1x4 and...
  15. StyxAnnihilator

    [] GSO Shield crappy against cannons

    The explosion effect from cannon shells goes through the GSO shield bubble.
  16. M

    Colour gso/geoCorp blocks

    The basic gso and geoCorp blocks should be colourble with powders. Powders would be created from different crystals. They should also be recolourble. Right click with powder to colour it.