1. ExileFox

    [ -] Anchored Techs gets detached from ground/rotating anchor

    So I tried to continue from an earlier save, and an intruder smashed most of my base to bits before i could take it down :( After that I noticed one of the AI guards where detached from it's anchor. And the other guard has detached self from ground :confused: See screenshot for the one that...
  2. nikitaign Build Beam Bug {Stuck on pressing B and Anchor Tech simultaneously}

    I mentioned a thing, that the blue verical line doesnt disapear. 1) Go to any ground where you can anchor, flat ground recommended 2) You should have an anchor under you so you can anchor, but don't do it right now 3) Quickly press B and "Anchor Tech" button at the same time 4) You should drive...
  3. ZeroGravitas

    [] Missing ground texture from world tile corner (white/black scar).

    Not sure how relevant this report will be, given that this world was created in and saved in pretty much every unstable since. I'd been on this world tile, the other side of the monument, but quite possibly never looked at this spot. Attached save file still shows this it upon restart...
  4. The Grand Teki

    The ground in the menu disappeared (probably not because of a bug, read below)

    I just started my game up, while it was loading I checked out something away from my PC, and when I came back, the ground was gone. It seemed like that the camera is underground maybe because a tech had an underground spawn. Output log provided.
  5. The Grand Teki

    [7.5.8] Capturable enemy base spawned inside terrain

    I will only consider votes on the poll by Payload. I already captured it but I didn't use build beam, The save and the output log is attached: