1. Luracasmus

    High Quality Tire Tracks

    The Graphics Option High Quality Tire Tracks doesn't work and automatically disables on restart. This issue is in both TT Stable and TT Unstable.

    CPU being overclocked by my TerraTech game, please help (renamed)

    So... I have the performance of task manager open because my game is running like absolute crap (8 fps)... and I see this: So why is my CPU being over run (which has no horse power) instead of my new graphics card that I paid approx. $600 for? (TerraTech in the background, couldn't screen shot...
  3. ZeroGravitas

    [] Depth of Field graphics setting has to be unticked and applied twice

    Game seems to ignore you the first time you untick it and click apply. Same every time (from a new game user account maybe).
  4. Revolver265

    [0.8.2] Two bugs: R&D has shiny floor, Tread marks can fly.

    First: After leaving the R&D Chamber on overnight, I woke up to a normal R&D chamber. I played for a little while and then changed the gamma to match my darkened room. Suddenly things were bright. The techs and everything else (such as the blocks, Venture quest entrances, and monuments) were...
  5. Soviet_Samuelson

    New graphics option(s)

    Nope graphics setting: Everything looks just as blocky and pixle-y as minecraft. Just utterly bad(compared to poor graphics). Probably just and EXP feature, for those who want max framerate when building the biggest of boys. No animated textures. Resources just look like cubes. Bullets/wings...
  6. TheSpaceMan

    [Can be deleted now] Has someone tried turning off field of depth?

    In the graphics option,there is a box with field of depth, but it is force turned on (kinda necessary). So i'm asking this: Is it possible to turn off field of depth somewhere in the files?If someone has done this-what was it like? Does this scrap the graphics completely? Does it give you a huge...
  7. Aceba1


    Found this, and I feel almost as if this could be applied one way or another to the game. If only there was an easier way to contact devs without PMing.
  8. GamerParrish

    [] - Rocks and Other Objects Changing

    Trees, rocks, minerals, and enemies (But not my own techs) their graphics change. And it seems they get SMALLER, which is confusing when I'm going up to an enemy. Then it turns out its really big and by then I'm dead. HOW TO RECREATE 1. Get into ANY world, all graphics on lowest settings, (no...
  9. jnj01

    HUD disappears/flashes

    So I am playing on this save I've had for a while, and recently I moved my base to a new saltflat. However, sometimes my HUD disappears, often when I zoom in on my tech. If I zoom out or sometimes if I look at the tech from a different angle it comes back. This also occurs when I enter certain...
  10. DeviantX

    Performance Issues; Any tips beyond the obvious?

    I have a laptop that I can play Fallout 4 on (barely), but I can't even play TT in a new campaign on the lowest settings for some reason.. I have a nice Desktop PC that I use too, but I should be able to run it on my laptop.. I'm no novice to computers, so are there any other things I can tweak...
  11. jnj01

    Graphical Issues

    So, I have a GTX 760 and an I7 octa-core 4770K 3,50GHz, and my desktop runs Terra Tech quite smoothly at all graphic settings. However; if I have the graphics set to anything more than simple it will start flashing random "shadows" around the map. It goes away when I set the graphics back to...
  12. Aceba1

    Server Issue (Microsoft Edge, Safari)

    Screen looks like this on Blueprint and Scenic view, and not Default. Only on Edge browser. Pretty sure it wasn't always like this.
  13. DoomDude

    Graphics options: Fantastic -> Fastest -> I just want 60 FPS

    To start, I'm the kind of gamer who cares very little about how nice the graphics are in a game. To me, game design and play-ability are 100 times more important. In sandbox games, I prefer to have giant bases that can do lots of everything, but I'm limited in terra tech by FPS lag. If there was...