graphical issues

  1. E

    graphical bug?

    anyone know what is causing this weird bug? im playing on fantastic settings.1366x768 windowed. max everything for graphics besides gamma. it glitching around the screen when looking in numerious directions, any way to fix it?
  2. Y

    White graphic issue

    First, sorry for bad english. My friend just downloaded the game and run it without any configuration. He joined my game by steam without opening normally. He had graphic issues (I'll show on ss). After, he restarted his computer and run the game. The graphic issues were continuing. He didn't...
  3. ZeroGravitas

    [] Little graphical anomolies (ghosting, halos, shimmer)

    I've grouped these together into one thread because they are all minor graphics issues that seem to have cropped up at the same time, with the recent tweaks to graphics settings, presumably. (1) There's visible image ghosting in dusk lighting conditions, when moving camera around (save...
  4. ZeroGravitas

    [] Same small cloud passing over for 3 days straight

    I don't understand how this could happen, but it looked wrong - the only cloud visible in the sky, repeating endlessly. Also kinda disappointing for the timelapse at the end of my latest video :p;): Seen from around 31m21s in this YouTube video. Save attached from the beginning of the time...
  5. ZeroGravitas

    [] Sudden decrease in draw distance at dawn (reproducable)

    Attached save is 10 seconds out from this glitch - it's dawn, solar panels have just deployed, then the draw distance suddenly jumps to be much less (before slowly expanding back out, as it should do in the morning): This glitch happened while I was filming for my latest episode. (I was...
  6. ZeroGravitas

    [] No distance haze/fog (graphical issue)

    I'd been assuming that the ugly sheer horizon cut-off was the same for everyone. Then I noticed in the dev streams that they always tend to have that lovely haze in the distance, particularly noticeable down green valleys and such. I've never been getting that at all... [Creative mode after a...
  7. tymur999

    [0.7.5] Moon/Planet Glitch {Visible in front of distant scenery.}

    one of the planets that we orbit/they orbit us is apparently phasing through the mountain, when i come closer to the mountain it fades away, please fix
  8. ZeroGravitas

    [] Crafting input/output arrows displaced on loaded techs

    This is what the attached tech looked like directly after loading it via the load tech menu on th eleft of the screen, in Creative mode: The red and green arrows indicating crafting block inputs and outputs are displace by a fixed amount from the blocks themselves. It fixes itself after...
  9. Bgrmystr2

    [0.7.8] Terrain biome loading / replacement errors

    I made a brand new save fresh off the 0.7.8 patch, played for a few hours, saved, went to sleep, played it earlier today and all was normal. After re-joining the game just now, I've found some major errors in the biome loading. The salt flat was not there originally, nor was the mountain...
  10. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - Clouds showing in front of distant terrain (mountains)

    This looks similar to the older moon glitch, but I think this is probably new(?). Clouds appear to come out of the mountains, behind the foremost, but in front of the ones behind. (Approximate save attached. You guys must be sick of my old world...) Possibly related to...?:
  11. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - Sky-box - Naked light source in middle of crescent moon.

    Not a new bug, but can't recall or find this anywhere else, presently (please link me, if it has been reported). What it looks like, to me, is the light source for a full moon being used incorrectly in conjunction with a crescent moon image. Definitely not the most glaring issue either...
  12. ZeroGravitas

    [] Missing ground texture from world tile corner (white/black scar).

    Not sure how relevant this report will be, given that this world was created in and saved in pretty much every unstable since. I'd been on this world tile, the other side of the monument, but quite possibly never looked at this spot. Attached save file still shows this it upon restart...
  13. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - Overlays remain visible in pause menu (filters and refineries only)

    The resource indicator overlays on filters and refineries remain visible when pausing game. Component factory and fabricator overlays disappear as expected. Tested in campaign and R&D.
  14. ZeroGravitas

    [] Right click wheel UI interface mis-positioned (tech select and EXP pacemaker)

    To duplicate: Right click another player tech. Move screen (right click elsewhere and drag). Right click tech again (or another player tech). Also happens with EXP pacemaker, but seemingly not filter conveyors. My log file header Save file attached just in case. (Continued from old versions...
  15. jnj01

    Graphical Issues

    So, I have a GTX 760 and an I7 octa-core 4770K 3,50GHz, and my desktop runs Terra Tech quite smoothly at all graphic settings. However; if I have the graphics set to anything more than simple it will start flashing random "shadows" around the map. It goes away when I set the graphics back to...