golden armada

  1. Shidoni

    The Golden Armada

    Welcome to the Golden Armada If you wish to join say "Glory to the Golden Armada, may it survive and thrive!" Now that we have that out of the way, what is the Golden Armada? Well, put simply. The Golden Armada is a kingdom that aims to allow more freedom in techs, to allow the 'not perfect...
  2. TheGamingEnder

    Operation BlackWing

    This operation is mostly classified, but due to it being made by the founder of ZTech(pop into that forum kingdom if you like), it's not going to be fully classified. This Program is hiring, and it does not matter if you are in ZTech. note that this operation is now supported by ZTech, and now...
  3. Seth_Seth

    Golden Armada

    (newer thingy for op that basically got made with some form of planning, does this sound good?) There's many kingdoms around, some more focused on warfare while others are more civilian, and others somewhat in the mix, however only the top tier of techs get used at all in those kingdoms, the...