1. S

    Xbox One: Spider King Mission has vanished and won't reappear in Trading Stations.

    Hello, So far, my experience with this game has been fantastic. Very few bugs, awesome features and visuals, constant updates, tight-knit community, However, today I found a bug that actually made me quite annoyed. My main goal of the playthrough was to take over the Spider King's Lair for...
  2. HeX

    2 Many Sticky Bombs []

  3. C

    [Console] My SCU disappeared because of BA

    So I went to place my SCU to pick up a tech I had destroyed (because I horde all of the blocks). When I went to place it the game prompted me with "you have reached BA blah blah blah would you like to put this tech in storage" and I hit the b button and my SCU disappeared. I clipped it and you...
  4. DrShadox

    [] GSO Pacemaker button swap {Turbo <-> Slow}

    Hi -When we release the clic on "turbo" speed , it go slow. -When we release the clic on "slow" speed , it go fast. (Normal speed is still normal.)
  5. ExileFox

    [1.0] Crate spawned underground - also trading station in funny location

    This was discovered during the "Abandoned Tools" quest: save, if needed:
  6. K

    [1.0] World Glitched Out After Update

    An older file I had was missing a lot of terrain, this happened after the 1.0 update (file was pre-1.0) All of my files are like this
  7. CheesySpectre

    Strange Saving Error [8.2]

    Hello there, I am new to the forums and have never posted, but a saving glitch is ruining the game for me, and I am in desparate need of assistance, and this forum seems to be the most promising option. I reported the bug, but I fear that in my haste I misworded my problems, and also have made...
  8. GamerParrish

    [] Healing Bubble is Highlighted

    I started a new campaign today to get back into Terratech (Yay) and I came across a bug that continually annoys me. The healing bubble for some reason is continually highlighted. I've tried taking it out of the SCU after putting it in and it still continued. Weirdly, it continues on the menu...
  9. ExileFox

    [ -] Anchored Techs gets detached from ground/rotating anchor

    So I tried to continue from an earlier save, and an intruder smashed most of my base to bits before i could take it down :( After that I noticed one of the AI guards where detached from it's anchor. And the other guard has detached self from ground :confused: See screenshot for the one that...
  10. Sir Metaladon

    [] Spacetime warping.

    Disclaimer: This is NOT a joke. I've been playing Terratech for a long time, and a lot more recently, and I'm just as confused as you. It happens semi-randomly, but I literally just warp about 1 or so kilometer in the direction my Tech is facing. Sometimes, you even become a different Tech from...
  11. GamerParrish

    [0.7.9] Random enemy CONTINUALLY hard crashing game

    I don't know why, or how. But there is an enemy that crash crashes the game, where it tells me "Oops! The game has crashed" How To Recreate 1. Take my save and put it in the saves 2. There will be two enemys on the radar behind you when you spawn in, the big geocorp will continually crash...
  12. GamerParrish

    [0.7.9] Hawkeye Kill X Amount Of Techs Friendly Glitch

    This glitch has happened twice for me, and not 100 percent sure on how to recreate, though it disappears after a restart. But whenever you have a mission from sergeant smash and you get one to kill X amount of techs. Sometimes it will say to kill a nearby friendly tech. Random, but not game...
  13. GamerParrish

    [0.7.9] Hawkeye SCU stopping blocks

    The Hawkeye SCU has done this twice for me. But it stops the blocks from going in, and theres nothing there that is visible. So I think it's a hitbox glitch HOW TO RECREATE 1. Spawn an Hawkeye SCU 2. Put a bunch of blocks down (not big ones) 3. Get lucky (Happened a lot) Here's a save...
  14. ZeroGravitas

    [] Avalanche launches causing tech movement jerkiness (while targeting & firing)

    It looks to me like actual physical movement stutters of this little plane as I was driving it about firing, rather than frame rate hangs (my FPS count stayed static at 60). It doesn't happen when the launchers are facing dead ahead, only while turning targeting enemies. Presumably related...
  15. ZeroGravitas

    [] Silo contents flip (on reload & unpause Pacemaker, sometimes)

    All of these full silos flipped the order of their stacked resources upon un-pausing the Pacemaker, after reloading the R&D save (attached), as shown: Not sure if related to other (recent) issues: position of stored resources glitching out, receivers taking from other receivers.
  16. GamerParrish

    [] - Dosile enemies

    Some enemies wont attack you, at all, like shoot them to your hearts content. I find it really overpowered and I can easily destroy some larger techs with this HOW TO RECREATE 1. Get into a world 2. Find an enemy (Don't fight it) 3. Move away from its activation range (Third Line On Radar...
  17. GamerParrish

    [] - Race Enemy Killing Glitch

    I encounter lots of enemies that I know for a fact I can't beat. And so what I do is I have 5 venture missions for races at all times. And what I do is I go into it. Then I'm able to kill the tech. Though I think this is more of an exploit than a bug HOW TO RECREATE 1. Get into a campaign...
  18. GamerParrish

    [] - SCU Still Broken {occasional deployment visual glitch}

    The SCU texture is still glitched HOW TO RECREATE 1. Again, just spam and get lucky. Theres no order of how to do it 2. Presto!
  19. GamerParrish

    [] - Guns Looking Wrong Way When Attaching

    When I kill an enemy, and try to pick up his guns. The guns are sometimes positioned the wrong way, and I have to reposition them because they're facing the wrong way. Very annoying when building techs, and taking the spoils of war. HOW TO RECREATE 1. Get into any save 2. Kill an enemy, (Make...
  20. GamerParrish

    [] - Rocks and Other Objects Changing

    Trees, rocks, minerals, and enemies (But not my own techs) their graphics change. And it seems they get SMALLER, which is confusing when I'm going up to an enemy. Then it turns out its really big and by then I'm dead. HOW TO RECREATE 1. Get into ANY world, all graphics on lowest settings, (no...