1. Geocorp Jumper

    Big Pete is Severely Underused

    I kinda already knew this, but it becomes more apparent every time I’m working on a new world and get the GC unlock quest. You only ever see Big Pete the one time. After you hand him about 15 resource chunks, he gives you the license and that’s the last you see of him. Even Atom shows up more...
  2. F

    GeoCorp Autominer

    This has been suggested like a bajillion times already for 4 years... If they implement something like the groundripper it would be possibly the best addition to TT in 2020 IMO. Did the devs ever respond to this or are they not interested in developing GeoCorp anymore?
  3. General Douglas

    The Broken MegaReactor Battery: Balance Issues and Changes

    Everyone knows the GeoCorp MegaReactor battery is quite powerful, however there are several concerns I have concerning balance due to the fact that I believe this block might be a little (a lot) on the OP side. My ship entry for the Naval Warfare Challenge; the HMSF Indefagitable, serves a bit...
  4. Legomonster33

    [FeedBack] Wingnut from the Rook Creek Bridge mission needs an update.

    He *can* one-shot you but he is incredibly easy to kill and if you kill him safely you can get 10 battleship cannons way too early into the game nullifying any sense of weapon progression as the battleship cannons are already one of the most powerful weapons in-game. I suggest that all of his...
  5. RC-3197

    Suggestion #4 GeoCorp Strip-Miner

    Now I'm going to be honest with you, I've been sitting on this idea for quite some time now. The reason why is because the problem is something that has been around forever, and it's a problem for all players The problem: Autominers These finicky things will mine the seams of all 1000 of their...
  6. Nerf Craft

    Some Old Removed Blocks I Think Should Be Added Back

    After discovering all the different blocks in the game that have been removed, I was slightly disappointed to see some very specific ones not be in the game today. So here are some of the blocks I discovered that I think need to be returned. First off, the Hawkeye landing gear wheel. Although...
  7. Skyward Saint

    Over The Top - Geo Corp "The Big Haul" Chunk and Block carrier. last post sparked some conversation, let's see if I can come up with something crazy again. Okay, so, the biggest thing we got for a block carrier for GeoCorp is that 4x4 chunk carrier. It's nice and does the job well... But what about one that does more than carrying a few chunks...
  8. Epic afdc

    Geocorp mammoth tracks

    Larger caterpillar tracks for geocorp basically (will come in all 3 variations of track) This block will be (lxwxh) 8x4x4 This thing will have HUGE amounts of torque, grip, carry weight, and health. It will also be slow, just like every other geocorp wheel/track It will also have loads of...
  9. Epic afdc

    Choosing a starting Corp REVAMPED

    (Part 1)Okay the basic concept of this is quite simple, choosing your own starter Corp, for example starting with venture or GeoCorp. And when you start, each Corp has their own unique starter missions. For example, when you start as venture, you do races to earn the starting blocks. And I can...
  10. Epb7304

    geocorp long range anchor

    a geocorp block that is 4x2x4 (same as the largest geocorp building block) and can anchor even if its 2 behemoth geocorp wheels above the ground. (and a rotating version too)
  11. R

    Battery Efficiency

    I was looking at the stats of the batteries, and noticed something very odd. I saw how much capacity the Geocorp battery had, and read its description. It said it had the highest capacity of all of the batteries, but that's only partially true. As an individual block, yes it has the highest...
  12. A

    Ressource chunks "vacuum cleaner" - or the issue with tech height and collectors

    Being quite fond of Geotech, one issue you run into when using their tech is that due to their large size collectors have some issues getting ressource chunks away from the ground. Ressources that you drive over are basically completly unable to be retreived because even if the tractor...
  13. Lord Zarnox

    GeoCorp Silos

    Yes, I know this has probably been suggested in various forms at least a dozen times, but anyway. Simply, a 2x2x2 block that holds 4 stacks of 20 chunks (80 chunks total) and can accept/dispense chunks from any of the 16 attachment points on the sides (the four adjacent faces to the top/holding...
  14. Twigjack

    What's up with GeoCorp bumpers?

    Do any of you use them? What for? I never see them on builds.
  15. AstraTheDragon

    Cosmetic Smoke-Emitting Blocks.

    I have heard number of people yearning for cosmetic smoke-emitting blocks, and I am one of them. This block could add a lot of character to you tech and just look cool. I imagine that these blocks would be fairly easy to come by, but never in a crate because they have almost no functional use. I...
  16. Soviet_Samuelson

    Beggining options

    As it stands, most low-level weapons are immediatly irrelevant once unlocked, as better alternatives are available. Instead of buffing them, we could have different options when starting the game. Right now, the protagonist works for GSO and begins with GSO blocks, but what if you had the option...
  17. ZeroGravitas

    [] Feedback - GeoCorp wheels need a buff! (Workaday, Jaws, Behemoth)

    Seeing as @zanzistar appears to be at that point in the update cycle where he's taking stock of feedback, balancing, etc, I thought it might be worth doing some wheel terrain testing, properly. (Inspired too by this thread.) I felt that the level 2 GeoCorp wheels are horribly under-powered. I...
  18. Jerome Love

    NEW Solar Array Ideas

    I have been thinking about this ever since I got the GSO Tall Solar Gen. and wondered why is it that only GSO has a solar gen. and yet none of the other factions do not? I think having a solar array for each faction would improve these areas of game play (I will try and add images of photos the...
  19. Cleecayce

    TerraTech Skins

    Hi everyone! I have updated my GSO Skins to work with 0.7.9 AND Multiplayer V2.5! On the steam news, they don't give an exact version of TT_MP_Unstable so I call the 2nd update MPV2. The third update seemed more of a hotfix so I am calling it MPV2.5 I am open to any suggestions for new skins...
  20. Thundercraft

    Balance needed for friction and wheels

    I can't stress enough the importance of re-balancing wheels in relation to the friction coefficient and the slope of hills on various terrain. Trying to navigate over rough terrain can be a huge trial of patience and have us longing to unlock and use bigger and better wheels. When I first...