game save

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    My game save on Xbox one is broken

    I opened my last game save from yesterday. As soon as it loaded, the game thought that my tech got destroyed (it definitely didn't). The game then showed me the option to respawn my previous tech. Once I did that the block limit was suddenly exceeded (6500), when I tried to switch to my...
  2. C

    TerraTech doesn't recognize controller or game save after ps4 6.0 update.

    I'm just trying to confirm my suspicion that the current version of TerraTech is not compatible with the current PS4 software that was just released. I was prompted this morning to do an update on my ps4, the version 6.0 update. After I did all that, I opened TerraTech up and it was kind of...
  3. O

    Game Saves, Please help

    Where are my game saves stored? and the techs that I snapshotted? Is that the out log text file? If it is than do I just have to copy and paste that into my friend's computer? He wants to play my save and we want to this sort of half co-op thing... in this...