1. ZeroGravitas

    [1.0.1] Rotating anchor wild physics glitch and inconsitency

    When you remove an anchor to go from 2 to just one rotating anchor, that anchor is very prone to go utterly bananas if there's an extremal force acting on the tech. I've only tested this with that force being applied by suspended resource chunks pressing on the same tech when they'd like to be...
  2. GamerParrish

    All the Emojis Expressions

    This is what the developers look like in their emojis kingantonlarge Help me dealwithitlarge I beat a pro codertearslarge I was destroyed by a venture tech ragequitlarge I accidentally leaked something about TT That I wasn't supposed to facepalmkrislarge When the devs cancel something...
  3. The Grand Teki

    A simple meme

  4. BlackSun

    TERRATECH BURD - OH MY GOD, I found it.

    It was hiding in this compilation on YT, all along! It's the TerraTech LAZOR BURD! At 1:35: But seriously guys, who's ripping off whom here? XD Is that where TerraTech-Lasers come from, or did this burd just play too much? XD Either way, that's incredible.