Note blocks... in TerraTech?

    Update: Thanks for the likes! I am not really all that popular, so it is a boost. Just feel free to comment on any feedback on this post. 6 likes is nothing to others... but It's good for me! Spread the idea to the devs, and/or popular modders like @Mindl3ss. -------------------------- They're...
  2. Lord_Chaos

    Battletechs, Collectechs, Cosmetechs!

    The are all here in my very new showcase! Enjoy a lineup of every tech and oddity you can imagine. all you have to do is watch! To start off, my very first video (it seems a little odd when i watch it now, I guess I didn't have the voice thing down right...) A hawkeye tank!
  3. L

    My overall suggestions.

    Personal I develop games as a hobby- and i'm am absolutely in love with your game and it's concept, furthermore I hope development never ceases and this game gets to achieve it's FULL and TRUE potential for greatness. Here are just a few of my ideas- 1. DEFINITELY needs a user interface...
  4. Olli_DXD

    Bring back the old challenge gamemodes

    Any of you remember the old challenge gamemodes that got removed with the gauntlet update? I had a thought about bringing them back since we have a lot of new wheels and flying blocks, wouldn't it be fun to bring them back? The flying challenge, drag-race and rocket challenges would be more...
  5. Nocallia

    Master of Diplomacy Challenge.

    Hello Everybody! Me and @Trippeh recently did a challenge stream where we were "racing" to unlock every corporation in TT. If you would like to watch it (even though being around 4 hours long because we were not that competitive), Here is MY stream (and part 2 because it messed up), and here is...
  6. reaperx1

    Battle Challenge Question / Suggestion

    In the last stream I thought I heard @Jamie say that he would like to do more of the battle challenges. Did I hear right? I hope so. If I did hear right I am suggesting a monthly special stream. The last ones have been pretty fun. This is where the suggestion comes in. It has probably been...
  7. GamerParrish

    Post your techs here!

    Everyone has techs somewhere around there world. So I hope that you will put your techs here. But there will be a point system for techs if you want to grade yourself 50+ points =PERFECT 40=Great! 30=Good! 20=Ok! 10=It Works I Guess! 5=Work harder :( 0=Didnt even do anything Base=10 points...