fps drops

  1. K

    Low FPS, low gpu and cpu usage?

    My FPS are so low. It's 60 and then drops immediately to 12 - 8 fps even when firing some weapons in multiplayer or creative or campaign. My usage averages 11 - 20% and I'm using a Ryzen 5 2600 and a 1070.

    CPU being overclocked by my TerraTech game, please help (renamed)

    So... I have the performance of task manager open because my game is running like absolute crap (8 fps)... and I see this: So why is my CPU being over run (which has no horse power) instead of my new graphics card that I paid approx. $600 for? (TerraTech in the background, couldn't screen shot...
  3. Galvinon

    Optimizations ideas (Improving FPS)

    I dont have much and I know nothing of programming but I remembered a tech demo once showing off the GPU moving around alot of objects fluidly. I then wondered if Unity had the ability to do the same and then I found a youtube video showing a demo of CPU vs GPU physics in unity I found some...
  4. F

    [0.7.9] fPS lag

    So i can run other games like mc counter strike and etc with 30 - 60 fps and i have 16g so idk why terratech is lagging before on my laptop witch is rly bad there was NO LAG! but now on my computer it sucks pls respond to this i need help i attached a file of a picture of my pc specs ( windows...
  5. ZeroGravitas

    [] Feedback - Auto-miner catchup speed nerf unhelpful (+ alternatives)

    First of all, I've timed the new speed at about 6 seconds, not the 10 stated in the patch notes (lies!;)): This represents a massive nerf to mining and manual resource collection, which was already borderline pointless. When you can just set up an Erudite selling base and buy the rest of...
  6. Bgrmystr2

    FPS drop loop in fresh load of R&D

    If I create a brand new R&D room, never touched before, load into it, I get a spike lag every other second, perhaps every 3rd second, and it's not based on my CPU, it's based on my GPU. Edit : It would probably help that I'm running Unstable AMD Phenom II 955 quad 3.2ghz 8gb DDR3 ram...
  7. C

    [0.7.3]Consistent FPS stutter

    After updating to 0.7.3, I have been experiencing a constant FPS stutter that occurs every 5 seconds or so, regardless of what I/the game is doing. This even happens on the main menu screen, and is still present after switching between all quality levels and turning down the render distance...
  8. Olli_DXD

    [] Poor fps while playing Gauntlet

    Just played a bit of gauntlet and noticed that the fps was worse in Gauntlet than in single-player story mode. Seems to be caused by the number of different models and the amount of them being loaded at the same time. But also the amount of info that is being processed while playing Gauntlet...
  9. Lux

    Poor frame rate is an issue that occurs all the time

    Here are some juicy specs so you guise know what i'm working with: >Core i7-4790K (OC to 4.6 Ghz) >16 GB of RAM >480GB SSD (Where all games are installed) >256 GB SSD (for boot) >1.5 TB HDD (General program storage) >GTX 970 (4GB GDDR5 VRAM) >Main display is 2560X1600 (Have multiple monitors...