1. Uğur Yılmaz


    How about making making vertical rotors have a toggle? For example when you toggle it on it stays level like hover plate but higher and shift just makes it go even higher or ctrl (this button is also a suggestion as well, since it's adjacent to shift) lower. Because that's the way it is in real...
  2. Shayne

    Custom terrain generation.

    I've been trundling round my world in a giant geocorp / GSO / experimental build for quite a while now, and it struggles to move, a lot of the time, due to the fact that wheels cannot climb extremely high / mountainous terrain, but that is the main terrain in the game. Especially surrounding...
  3. Exund

    Sylvered Army (by Sylver)

    Welcome to the Sylvered Army hangar,soldier! Here you will find the Techs made by our most talented swiss engineer Sylver !(A.K.A. Exund Starwind but its another Story) There will be all types of Techs:Flyers, Harvesters, Tanks, Harvester Flyers, Tank Flyers, Tank Harvester Flyers, Compacted...