1. W

    Tech keeps flying away!

    So whenever I join my friends multiplayer game, which we've played on for 13 hours and never had this bug, my tech will float infinitely upward without stopping. No matter what I do it does it, I've tried switching to other techs and restarting my game. This has never happened and I don't want...
  2. ExileFox

    [ -] Anchored Techs gets detached from ground/rotating anchor

    So I tried to continue from an earlier save, and an intruder smashed most of my base to bits before i could take it down :( After that I noticed one of the AI guards where detached from it's anchor. And the other guard has detached self from ground :confused: See screenshot for the one that...
  3. Lord_Chaos

    Floating terrain objects (non-physical) [0.7.7]

    So, I have been noticing this problem for a while now, these little rocks (most noticable in the mountains) are floating about the terrain. I have taken a few screenshots of this occurence: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Lord_Chaos_YT/screenshot/853846905693145828