fighter jet

  1. D

    best possible fuel/engines for jet-engine powered jet?

    I'm currently creating a jet modeled after the F-35 Lightning, and have some very specific area requirements on it. pretty much, the way im making it, i dont have enough power. I'll give some links to the internals/side view/top view of it here: (the plane has perfect symmetry BTW, don't know if...
  2. Nerf Craft

    A bunch of my ideas.

    Here is just a list of some of my ideas, both unlisted ones and ones I have talked about in the past. Hawkeye: 1) Fuselage jet engine: A 1x8x1 long booster with inbuilt fuel tank that has enough fuel for five minutes of sustained flight, but takes five minutes to refill when empty. Very heavy...
  3. cipher

    cipher's F14 Tomcat

    Let me first state that making a flying tech which also tries to resemble real aircraft is quite a challenge. It's challenging (at least for me) to make something that accurately resembles a fighter jet while also handling well in-game. But this is probably the closest I'm ever going to get. It...