1. B

    gun upgrade?

    terra tech shoud make upgrade able gun like fire bullet explodeing bullet faster reload and how it look:):Dtonytony
  2. Epb7304

    ultimate BF block

    just a block that has multiple forms (1x1x1, 2x1x1, 2x2x2, and so on) you use shift + scroll wheel to cycle through forms (one side is flat no attachment points, now 2, 3 so on) as well as smooth with the attachment point including the all black ones, because I have been trying to make my craft...
  3. Matt

    The Ultimate Suggestions Poll

    Hey Everyone! Thanks to everyone who commented and added suggestions to the Ultimate Suggestions Thread. There are loads of great ideas in there (almost too many). So as promised, we've compiled the top suggestions into a poll for everyone to vote on. Shoutout to @HyperXNova20 for helping to...
  4. Epb7304

    delete old techs in the load tech tab

    simply a delete button in the load tech tab, you click it and it will ask you if you are sure, click yes and it will be removed, because auto-saves are annoying and separate your techs starting with A from your techs starting with B.
  5. reaperx1

    Filter Option Suggestion

    Basically what I am suggesting is that when a conveyor lines direction is reversed that any filters in that line would also change direction. I know this could cause problems, but used in the right situations this could be a great way of making multi techs move way better than they do now. I...