1. layer1

    [0.7.8] Fabs sometimes take resources but don't produce blocks

    I did upgrade to the R&D version but fabs are stable and have been for a while so I think this should go here. If I should move it to R&D Feedback let me know and I'll remove this. Reproduction: 1. Set up a feed to any fabricator with enough blocks to make two or more blocks of any type. It's...
  2. T

    Silos, Fabricators, and mostly filters

    Recently, I have made a big scrapping base which has many GSO Losta silos. I lined them up to a fabricator to craft some blocks that I need and the silos dont dispatch. I put filters next to the silos to test if they were going to dispatch resources and they did. This gave me the idea that...
  3. ifnotthe2nd

    Resource/Component loss converted to Chaos Chunks

    How about when my scrapper, fabricator, component factory, etc... would lose there stored resources, instead of spitting out some black dust, they spat out a "Chaos Chunk." These "Chaos Chunks would then be redeemable at a new "recycler" block or alternatively at the refinery for the lost...
  4. Twigjack

    Max request distance for chunks

    What is the farthest that a CF, refinery, or fabber can pull a chunk down a conveyor? I've seen people mentioning that there is a limit, but not what it is.
  5. ZeroGravitas

    [] Fabricated blocks get stuck inside Fabricator (sometimes crashes game)

    @kae, etc, please see this steam thread: http://steamcommunity.com/app/285920/discussions/1/1697169163397668191/?tscn=1522701743 It seems like blocks have more difficulty exiting Fabricators, currently. Or are spawned deeper inside of them than previously.
  6. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.9] Fabricators call resources they can't accept after unanchoring

    A systematic bug, as the title says. Like the scrappers continuing to run after unanchoring. Presumably an oversight of the consequences of adding dynamic anchoring, a while back. I'll come back and add a demonstration if necessary. (Just made a quick thread to remind myself.)
  7. ZeroGravitas

    [] Won't craft blocks with exotic components (e.g. Seed AI) without unnecessary refinery.

    With 4 component factories feeding a fabricator, block recipes requiring top tier components won't allocate factories (or call for resources) unless a refinery is placed such that it could theoretically feed all of the factory's inputs. Even though all resources are already refined (and the...
  8. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.5] Component Factories request superfluous resources during part Fabrication (sometimes).

    There seems to be lots of little problems with automated crafting that I've experienced in and appear to still be there in unstable I've attempted to pin one down, here, but I can't see that there's a hard and fast rule for why this fault sometimes does and sometimes doesn't...
  9. A

    New form of block management

    Before I begin, realize that this is my first post, so please understand that the formatting might be a little off. Thanks! So, I was thinking about the SCU one day and thought, "Why can't blocks be stored in the same way as resources? " After this thought had wandered into my mind, I began to...
  10. diamondnife

    Special Block Fabricator/Scrapper

    There could be a special block fabricator or scrapper so you can craft the special blocks once you get the fabricator, and a scrapper for the opposite reason. This could make it so special blocks could be used more in campaign mode to add a little bit of spice to the techs you see.
  11. diamondnife

    Fabrication Help

    I made a fabrication base and when I fabricate something, only one of the refineries is used and all of the others are ignored. How do I make it so all of the refineries are used?
  12. piRatemaster

    [0.6] Fabricator Mission

    The 'Fabricator' Mission will prevent itself from continuing if the GSO Grade 2 Fabricator dropped by the Harvest Boss is taken into the SCU Storage Unit. No other missions would start, and I had to stop my save.